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Day 516 – Letter to the VA Republican Party: Corey Stewart? Fo’Real?

Day 516 – Letter to the VA Republican Party: Corey Stewart? Fo’Real?

Image from Courthouse News

Dear Virginia Republican Party,

Could it be that you’ve lost your minds?

Or is this a last-ditch effort to save a dying party?

Right-wing republican madness is

Elevating hate above country.

Y’all nominated a Minnesotan playin’ at being a “proud Southerner.”


Stewart is a neo-confederate with strong ties to Jason Kessler & Paul Nehlen,

Two racists who spew messages of bigotry and fear-mongering rhetoric.

Elect Stewart for the Senate?

What on earth are you thinking?

Are you aware that you will one day have to explain this mess to your grandchildren?

Really. And as a liberal independent and someone who supports Kaine, with this nomination—similar to Moore, and Akin, and O’Donnell, and so many other haters embraced by the endangered ass that symbolizes your party—I suppose there is only one thing left to say…

Thank you.



P.S. Russia isn’t about Russia. Russia is about using the presidency for the financial benefit of the president, his family, and his cronies. Russia is exactly like every other decision and appointment and declaration Trump has made. And you know what? It’s illegal. If you don’t believe me, then believe the Department of Justice (Misuse of Position & Government Resources).

Day 515 – Letter to Humanity: We Can Be Better. We Should Be Better. But Really…It Starts With Love for All.

Day 515 – Letter to Humanity: We Can Be Better. We Should Be Better. But Really…It Starts With Love for All.

Image from Fine Art America, Smile of the Sunrise by Marie Green

I have a new ritual.

I have a hard time falling asleep, every night. I’m exhausted, every night, like most all of us, but just when I set down my book and turn off my light, my brain pumps a shot of adrenaline into my system, every night. Even if I’m half-asleep already, it happens. Right down to the cellular level, my body knows something ain’t right.

Then I take deep breaths, as full as I can. I activate my flabby diaphragm and fill my lungs over and over again. I hold my spouse. I picture peace. I flip through the snapshots in my mind until I finally fall asleep.

Somehow, I manage to have good dreams some of the time.

When I wake, groggily because I fall asleep too late every night, I have to remind myself who I am and where I am. That’s how badly I sleep now—I have to reset every morning. But worse than the falling asleep is that long daily moment when I rejoin reality. Every morning, I sit up, put my feet down, and my brain has to pause for a moment and say to itself, “It’s real. It’s happening. The country you call home, the one with a founding message that changed the world, a dream of equality as deeply ingrained in you as oxygen, is being run by a hateful special-interest minority group obsessed with profit and the power it brings.”

Granted, this is usually about 5:30 a.m., so my brain really just says, “Ooooooooh f—,” but that’s just shorthand for the longer version. Pre-dawn is no time for unnecessary verbiage.

I doubt this story is unique.

The thing is, the important parts come before and after that moment when I re-enter reality.

Before it, I’m often in a dream, and usually a happy one. More than once, that dream has clearly been of a world after the end to all this. These dreams are recent. For a long time, my dreams were tense. I don’t even know what they were about, but my jaw hurt when I awoke. Clenched.

Lately, though, my dreams are nice. They are of an after-times. I’m there. You’re there. Even you weirdos who hate-read these letters are there, and though I’m sorry for you and your hate now, the after-times hold more beauty for you, too. I believe they will. My cells believe we can make it there.

And we can make it. We know what’s at stake. Many of us always did, but a large swath of America now knows much more about who we really are. Stop saying “We’re better than this” to the news about putting asylum-seeking children in nouveau-concentration camps. We’re not better than that, never have been. Ask a historian. Better yet, ask a Native American, a Black American, a Japanese American about America and children.

We’re not better than that. But we can be. We should be. Most of us aim to be.

My brain comes back to reality every morning, and I remember that we haven’t been the country many of us thought we were. I feel an icy chill for a moment as I come around to who I am and where I am and what’s going on around me, but then I remember what we can be.

Then, every day, I rise. The work lies before me. I do my part in the ways I know how, and I do it every day. I work hard to create a better reality for my children, your children, all children. I work hard to create a better reality for me, for you, for everyone. I don’t go and count money. I count worth. I do the work with the tools I have in the ways I know how.

Friends, many of us do. Let’s wear our hearts on our sleeves so our neighbors see that too. Good work is contagious. Worthy beliefs are contagious. Life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness as unalienable rights? That’s a worthy belief. None of our country’s founding documents are perfect. No text is because all text is written by humans. We are inherently flawed. We all are.

But we have the capacity for love. Deep love. Real love. For all.

You’ve cried watching a video on Facebook or somewhere like it of a soldier surprising the kids upon returning home, of the pitcher hugging his friend he just struck out because his friend means more to him than a trophy, of a stranger caught on video helping an old person across a dangerous road, of a baby laughing. You have. We all have. You don’t know any of the people in those videos. But you cared about the people in them. You have the capacity for deep, real love for people you don’t even know.

You have been conditioned to distrust the unknown. You have been conditioned to fear, usually, brown people. You have been conditioned to assume money is paramount.

Knock that shit off.

We have the capacity for love. Deep love. Real love. For all.

My own children just finished a school year in which, every day, they recited the Pledge of Allegiance. None of our country’s documents—and certainly none of our people—are perfect, but I refuse to release the pure visions of our country. The flag is just cloth. We aren’t pledging the flag itself. It’s symbolism. What my children pledged to every morning, what we have all pledged to, is each other. We’re pledging to liberty and justice for all.

For all.

With liberty and justice for all.

My good dreams are interrupted every morning by a jolt back to a grim reality, but the thing about reality is that we get to shape it. I rise from my side of the bed. I rise and go back to the world, day after day, because I love you.





Day 514 –People Who Stand for the Anthem and Those Who Kneel Love This Country Fiercely, Mr. President.

Day 514 –People Who Stand for the Anthem and Those Who Kneel Love This Country Fiercely, Mr. President.

Image from NBC News

Mr. Trump,

Today I just can’t summon the energy to write about any one of the myriad of immoral, hateful, destructive things you are perpetuating on our nation and our planet. Nope, not Today. So instead I am going to use a verse written by Andrew Freborg about your megalomaniac, pathetic, insecure stance on those NFL players who have knelt during the National Anthem to protest injustice (“maybe they shouldn’t be in the country”). I realize on the surface it may not look like the most important thing you are saying and doing, but this verse puts it in a broader perspective. Maybe you could understand it even if you don’t agree with it. It is addressed to the NFL players.

I stand to honor the promise the flag represents. You kneel because that promise has been broken.

I stand to affirm my belief that all are created equal, and to fight alongside you for that promise. You kneel because too few stand with you.

I stand because we can do better. You kneel to remind us to be better.

I stand to honor all that have fought and died so that we may be free. You kneel because not all of us are.

I stand because I can. You kneel for those who can’t.

I stand to defend your right to kneel. You kneel to defend my right to stand.

I stand because I love this country. You kneel because you love it too.








Day 513 – Letter to the People of the United States: Where Is Your Collective, Mass, Righteous Outrage? Find it Before November.

Day 513 – Letter to the People of the United States: Where Is Your Collective, Mass, Righteous Outrage? Find it Before November.

Image from the Big Issue

Dear people of the United States (especially Trump supporters),

To paraphrase the lyrics by famed rapper Jay-Z, ‘America, you got 100 problems and 99 of ‘em are Donald Trump’! If we stop and consider the current list of ills and problems facing our nation most have been directly caused or greatly exacerbated by our current, so-called, president. Let’s consider a few:

  1. His administration rips children from their mothers;
  2. He and his family run a “charity” like a criminal enterprise;
  3. He kowtows to dictators, people like Putin, Kim Jong-Un, Dueterte, and many others, and by doing so has committed treason against the United States;
  4. He insults our closest allies, especially Canada and the EU;
  5. He started a trade war without considering the real balances of trade with our closest partners;
  6. His administration has tried to take away affordable health care for the majority of Americans;
  7. His administration, via his Department of the Interior and the EPA, has raped our environment;
  8. He, his administration, and his minions, toadies and sycophants have lied to us constantly for the past year and a half, Trump himself averaging about 4 -7 lies per day;
  9. He has totally neglected the priorities he promised he would address if elected;
  10. He, with the deplorable collaboration of the GOP-controlled Congress, has passed legislation that helps only the wealthiest in America, while hurting the middle class and poor;
  11. With collusion from that same Congress, he has appointed the most corrupt, unqualified and otherwise venal cabinet and higher officials the nation has ever seen;
  12. He has totally disregarded the Constitution, the laws in the U.S. Code and the basic tenets of human decency, and violated his oath of office by doing so. His ineptitude at leadership, his abject corruption and singular lack of normal human qualities – all tied to his monstrous ego and toxic narcissism – have proven, beyond any reasonable doubt he is neither qualified for, nor deserving of, his office.

These are all facts, supportable by evidence from numerous legal and valid journalistic sources. Not fake news, not showing a smear campaign, definitely not deliberately malicious. Facts.

So my question to America, and as I said above, not just to the Trump supporters and GOP members of Congress (and those candidates who want to join their ranks) but also the Democrats and progressives and independents in Washington and all over the nation, is “Where is the outrage? Why are you still allowing this?”

Are all you Congresscritters so buffaloed by his bullying and mob-style meanness you can’t function? Have you forgotten that you represent all the people in the U.S., not just your campaign donors and special interest sponsors? Is it the idea (especially for Republicans) that you are so worried about numbers you cease to function on a logical basis? Here’s a reminder – although 80% of voters who identify as Republican claim to support Trump, only about 30% are registered in the party, and Trump supporters only compromise about 20% of that 30%. The rest of the electorate, disaffected Repubs, Independents and Dems, not only don’t support Trump and his administration but won’t support him.

And all the rest of us in that ‘won’t support’ category absolutely must vote in the next two elections, the 2018 mid-terms and the 2020 presidential election. We must vote the Trumpists out. Get involved now, help your local and state and Congressional progressive candidates go to D.C or your statehouses or your county seats and get our nation back.

Our country deserves no less; you as citizens deserve no less.


Jon Rogers and



Day 512 – A Birthday Letter for You, Mr. President. A Day Late, but It’s  the Anger and Contempt-Driven Thought that Counts.

Day 512 – A Birthday Letter for You, Mr. President. A Day Late, but It’s the Anger and Contempt-Driven Thought that Counts.

Image from Patch

Mr. Trump,

This is a bit uncomfortable to say, given our history over the last year and a half, but here it is: today, I know exactly what I’m going to focus on in my letter to you.  Sure, other days I’ve had to grab wildly at the storm of incoherent tweets, unconstitutional executive orders, unsustainable tax cuts, unwanted and environmentally destructive policies, and unwarranted trade wars in order to find a single topic to consider, but today, I’ve got it.

Your “charitable” foundation just got sued by the New York attorney general.

Happy birthday, Mr. President.  Happy birthday to you.

I notice that you’re already vowing not to settle the suit, just like you did when Trump University got sued.  And maybe, like then, you’ll settle the suit anyway, paying out a substantial sum of money, essentially admitting guilt in order to wave away the charges.

Nice of you, to provide such entertainment around your birthday.  It’s like hiring a clown for your own party, only it turns out that you’re the clown and everyone is seriously creeped out and wondering why this old, sexist, racist dude is playing a clown at his own party.

And by the way: your balloon animals look nothing like the real thing.  Seriously, do you even know what a giraffe looks like?

Also, clowns usually paint their faces white, not orange.

So, this “charitable” foundation got sued and… wait…


You just praised North Korea’s dictator as the “strong head” of his country.  You just claimed that “he speaks and his people sit up at attention” and that “I want my people to do the same.”


How am I supposed to write about the lawsuit against your “charitable” foundation when you’re wondering how you can become more of a lunatic dictator than you already are?  When you’re wondering what you have to do in order to make the USA more like North Korea?  When you’re claiming the American people as “yours?”

Alright.  This is what we’re going to talk about today.  The fact that you serve the people of America, not the other way around.  The fact that you swore — on a freaking Bible, mind you — to protect the constitution, not to turn the United States into a kleptocracy.

And Paul Manafort is going to jail.

Wait, what?

Your former campaign chairman just got his bail revoked and is going to jail?

[Deep breath].

Okay.  That’s what I want you to think about today.  It seems like maybe you don’t understand the difference between bail being revoked and being found guilty, as you tweeted about the “tough sentence” that Paul Manafort had just received, but, all the same, this is not a good look for you.

So, let’s think positive.  In a week in which you saluted a North Korean general, claimed the American people as your own dictatorial property, saw your “charitable” foundation sued, and witnessed the Republican establishment panic over the potential long-term loss of Virginia to the Democratic Party, the week ends with the focus more on one of your cronies than on you.

Small victories, Mr. President.  Small victories.  Tiny victories, even.  The kind you can hold in your pathetic, tiny, corrupt hands.

We didn’t have to check for a file baked into your birthday cake this year.  But, you know, fingers crossed.




Day 511 – Letter to the World: I’ll Take Whatever Hope For Peace I Can Get These Days.

Day 511 – Letter to the World: I’ll Take Whatever Hope For Peace I Can Get These Days.

Image from Pinterest

Dear people of the world,

President Trump told us to sleep well after he met with North Korea’s Kim Jong-Un this week.

I’ve been thinking a lot about the thuggish journey to this meeting. Scenes from Wayne’s World play through my head.

Game on! Game on! CAR! Game on! Game on! CAR!

Or is it rather a game of chicken?

Kim + Trump: We are going to meet! We are bringing world peace!

Kim: Wait, nope. I don’t wanna.

Trump: Well then, I don’t wanna either.


Kim: Okay well maybe we can talk denuclearization.


Trump: Okay.

Meeting happens.

Kim:  I reaffirm my firm and unwavering commitment to complete denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula.

Trump:  I commit to provide security guarantees to North Korea. Oh, and we will stop war games.

Pentagon: Whhaaaaa?

From what I read, this meeting isn’t saving the world.

But. But. I have to say. It is the first time in a looooooong time that these two countries have come to the table.

Right now, as children are being ripped from their parents’ arms as they cross the border; as Trumpist Corey Stewart won Virginia’s Republican Senate nomination and his fans celebrated with hateful glee, chanting, “Lock Her Up” (seriously?? still??); as we play stupid tariff games with our Canadian and international friends…

I will take any step toward peace I can get.


Kate Viggiano Janich

Activist. Entrepreneur. Mom. Lover of no-drama.


And Letters2Trump

Day 510 – Letter to 2018 Grads: We Need You.

Day 510 – Letter to 2018 Grads: We Need You.

Image from Univ. of Rochester

Dear Graduates of 2018,

Good afternoon!  I’m addressing all of you, everyone that has graduated from a program of studies this year.  High school graduates, college graduates, those of you receiving degrees of mastery, or professional credentials, anyone who has successfully completed a curriculum that offers you preparation for the life ahead of you, I am talking to you.

We need you.

All of us.  The world. Your parents.  Your siblings. Your future children (should you opt to have any).  The woman living in a 4th story walk-up in San Francisco.  The elderly man living in a ranch house outside Mobile. The child playing in a park in Bogota.  The teenager riding his bike in the streets of Bamako.  We need you.

We need you to take all of the things you learned in books and lectures and discussions and put them to practical use. We need you to sift through all of the material that has been presented to you by your parents, teachers, the experts and scholars that have had your ear for years and figure out what is true.  We need you to then push for that truth in the world. Please.  We don’t have time to waste.

To the high school graduates: we need you to seriously consider the kind of life you want to lead. I’m not talking about how much money you could stand to make, but the impact you could have in the spaces you inhabit now and want to explore in the next few years. What is it you would change? Why? How can you best go about evincing that change?  If you plan to move on in your formal education, we need you to disregard the Forbes, the US News and World Reports, the some-guy-who- purports- to know-these-things blog about what schools/degrees/majors will guarantee employment.  You will most likely work your entire adult life.  Don’t conscript yourself to the highest entry-level salary. Instead, refuse to declare a major, work as a volunteer doing something that you love, take more than the prescribed credits, intern at a company that intrigues you, shadow someone for a week who works in the field that you wanted to be in when you grow up, then decide what you most want to study.  Aunt Marge may be a tort lawyer, and Cousin Bart may be an orthopedic surgeon, but you need to find your own path.  Not because you are following your bliss, whatever that means, but because if you love what you do, you will fight like hell for its integrity, stock options or no.   We need you to do that.

If you don’t continue on to college and you decide instead to serve your country or community, don’t do it because you worship a piece of cloth, do it because you want to defend what matters most, the people who make this country what it is. Remember that those people come in all shades, believe in different things, and want to live their lives in the manner they see fit, just as you do.  We need you to protect ALL of us.

Those of you who opt for a vocation, please strive to do well and insist that others do well around you. Safety is important; no one is expendable, especially not in favor of the bottom line. Demand you be paid a living wage, and that you have access to quality health care.  Understand your value. We need you to speak your truth to power.

To those of you that have earned degrees, look to see where you are most needed. We need English lovers in the classrooms, to write sincere speeches, for sincere people who make sincere policy, to work hard within the Fourth Estate to make sure everyone knows how this person’s election here, this storm there, and this tragedy in our front yard affects us.  We need those who have studied art to preserve, protect, and advance the varied expressions of what makes us human.  We need engineers to solve our collective problems, we need historians to record what happens to us and how what has already happened exerts its influence on us now.  We need foresters to protect our resources. We need nurses to nurture us, we need financiers to handle the economy holistically, we need designers to reflect who we are and who we can yet be as a people.  We need you to fight against those that would try to monetize and exploit your area of interest.

To those of you who are now experts in your field, we need you to change the world. We need you to cure the diseases that plague us, we need you to protect the species of flora and fauna that are dying out.  We need you to translate the universe for us. We need you to dismantle the institutions that are destroying our collective: racism, sexism, classicism, fascism, and every other ism that seeks to limit our lives. We need you to take pride in your edification, to use what you have learned to raise all of us up so that we can be a better society.

We need you to hurry; you are the first generation that has lived under the practical application of egalitarianism.  You know that leadership does not mean white cis male default. You have had black doctors, Asian teachers, LGTBQ mentors, and a myriad of friends and neighbors from all walks of life who have been able to live their best lives. Your mothers have worked, your fathers have been your caregivers, you have inhabited the worlds of superheroes of all hues, your life’s soundtrack is composed by musicians from all around the globe, you have all the mysteries of existence literally in the palm of your hand. We need you to save us from ourselves.  Class of 2018, we need you.




Day 509 – Letter to Attorney General Sessions: Why Would You Want to Deny Asylum To Those Who Are in Such Danger?

Day 509 – Letter to Attorney General Sessions: Why Would You Want to Deny Asylum To Those Who Are in Such Danger?

Image from Slate

Attorney General Sessions,

I am writing you today as an American, a citizen, a woman, and a Christian. I will admit that I am also writing from a position of an individual who was not been terribly fond of your ideas and proposed policies. Yesterday’s announcement that you are attempting to unilaterally make decisions regarding asylum seekers is perhaps my least favorite, as it really targets vulnerable women and children. When you make a statement that people attempting to flee domestic violence will no longer be considered for asylum, what gender and age(s) of people do you think this will impact the most? This doesn’t even include people from both genders and all ages who may be fleeing life-threatening gang violence, who you apparently would like to bar from even having an option to come to the USA as well. You love to cite statistics, but people are not numbers; they are individuals with names and with tragic stories and circumstances.

In 2012, I had the opportunity to visit Mazatlan, Mexico, on a mission trip with a Christian organization that has a goal of meeting the needs of some of our most vulnerable global citizens.  This group is based in our country, but extends its reach beyond our borders to help care for the world’s orphans. There are sites throughout the world where these missionaries come alongside existing orphanages and do whatever they can to meet the needs of the children that reside there.

I visited and worked at three orphanages in Mazatlan, but I would like to tell you about one of the homes in particular. This orphanage was more of a foster home, as its residents were not being forced to stay; they were seeking asylum. This home was available to girls who were attempting to escape the sex trade and/or physical and sexual abuse at the hands acquaintances to, or members of their families. There were usually around a dozen girls at a time, and the home was run by a single woman who just wanted to keep them safe and loved. Occasionally, members of their families might attempt to visit and/or convince them to leave the care they were receiving. Some would go, and then come back. It was always their choice. There were far too many other criminal concerns in Mazatlan that impeded any real action from being taken. One middle-aged woman, and a small team of volunteers from the missionary organization, were their only solace.

There was Maria, who was about 9 years-old. She was feisty, funny, and full of energy. Xochel was about 13, and was generally shy, but had an easy smile and loved to draw. Isabel was approaching her quinceanera, and liked to talk about the home’s plans for her celebration any chance she got. These girls were lovely; and they were hurting. One of the jobs we had while on the property was to build a side of a balcony on the house to be taller, as one of the girls had attempted to jump off it and commit suicide.

When these girls turn 18, they have to make their own decisions about their lives. They do not have safe homes to go to and essentially have to forge out on their own. The missionary organization attempts to help fund their educations so they can attend college. Some of them have a dream of moving away from a city and country that holds too much pain for them and would love to come here to go to school or work.

The Bible is filled with examples of Christ’s teachings surrounding loving one another, and specifically mentions orphans, aliens, and other groups that you would like to so easily cast aside. Malachi 3:5 states, ““Then I will draw near to you for judgment. I will be a swift witness against the sorcerers, against the adulterers, against those who swear falsely, against those who oppress the hired worker in his wages, the widow and the fatherless, against those who thrust aside the sojourner, and do not fear me,” says the Lord of hosts.” There are dozens of quotes such as this, but I am leaving you with Jeremiah 5:28, as, sadly, I feel it is representative of our current administration: “They have grown fat and sleek. They know no bounds in deeds of evil; they judge not with justice the cause of the fatherless, to make it prosper, and they do not defend the rights of the needy.”

You are directly contradicting God’s word, disregarding those who need us most, and are doing so in the name of political rhetoric. Is this the legacy you want to leave?



Day 508 – Sad When Our Only Hope is that the Insecurities and Narcissistic Personalities You and Kim Jong-Un Share Will Push Us Toward World Peace. Good Lord.

Day 508 – Sad When Our Only Hope is that the Insecurities and Narcissistic Personalities You and Kim Jong-Un Share Will Push Us Toward World Peace. Good Lord.

Image from CNN

Mr. President,

We are now hours away from the beginning of your negotiations with North Korea’s leader, Kim Jong-un. The stakes are high, but hopes are low as you have spent the last few days alienating and directly insulting our longtime allies at the G-7 Summit, signaling your continued and baffling support of Russia and Putin, and posturing about your lack of preparation and your plan to go on gut feel at a crucial negotiation with nuclear implications. We, the American people, are weary, wary, and without hope for the outcome. What I hope will happen is that you will find in North Korea’s leader a brother in arms, a fellow insecure dictator with thin skin who cannot bear to lose. And that, I hope, lights your path forward toward a solution that allows both of you to crow about an unprecedented agreement that could only have been brought into existence by two geniuses working side by side. The world will know the truth, that we have avoided disaster by your mutual ability to claim a joint victory and great partnership in which no one loses, both win, and the world becomes more secure. Because heaven knows that the alternative – an agreement or negotiation in which one must lose – is a non-starter for both. We’re happy to entertain the fiction of your great leadership if it in fact can keep us safe until Mueller finishes his work.

The end of your presidency cannot come soon enough.



Day 507 – Letter to the Children of America: Mr. Rogers is a Good Role Model. Our President, Sadly, Is Not.

Day 507 – Letter to the Children of America: Mr. Rogers is a Good Role Model. Our President, Sadly, Is Not.

Image from Today

Dear Children of America,

You have probably felt the chaos and confusion of our country within the past months. You hear people talk, you see the frustration on your parents’ faces, you may even be able to read headlines, but getting into the nitty gritty of these issues is too much. And that’s okay.

However, I know many of you want to understand more. You want leaders and role models; you want to know who to listen to.

So let’s simplify a bit and look at a picture circulating in the news today.



What do you notice?

There is no right or wrong. Just spend a couple minutes taking it in.

Perhaps you noticed some of what my young children and I did:

There is only one woman.

Nearly all the men are looking at her.

Despite being surrounded by men in suits, she seems to be the one speaking.

Her hands are firmly planted on the table. She is leaning forward.

She looks serious, maybe frustrated.

She is focused on one man. He is the only person sitting.

His arms are crossed.

His mouth is taut.

He is looking past the woman speaking.

He looks disinterested.

Sadly, what you presumably took from that photo is all too accurate. When someone is speaking to you, is it nice to ignore him or her? Does not seem like an acceptable way to play, does it?

So instead of watching him for how to act, I invite you to ask your parents about watching the brand new documentary called Won’t You Be My Neighbor? If this is a bit too long for you, maybe instead just look at the image at the top of this letter.

What do you notice this time?

A child and a man looking at each other.

Both are smiling.

There are other children nearby, each one looking at them.

Everyone looks happy.

This, my young friends, is how to act in this world. With kindness and compassion. With listening ears and caring eyes. I know this is difficult, especially when so much in the news is traumatic. However, the man in this photo told the world that in times of disaster, look for the helpers as there are always people helping.

Continue to watch the helpers, children, as those are the heroes of every story. Some day I hope you will be one of the helpers.



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