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In the year leading up to the election in 2016, a lot of us thought we knew what could or could not happen. We thought we knew what would happen during the primaries. Even after that, we thought we knew what would happen on Nov. 8. And a lot of us were just wrong about that. And it felt like WRONG, in all caps. Like not only were we WRONG about the election, but we were WRONG about our country and about a lot of the people in it. WRONG about how far we thought our nation had come, even if it still had so far to go.

Coming out of the election, I felt such sorrow and disappointment. And fear. I spent a couple of days venting with friends, reading too much on Facebook and watching too many people express their frustration through tears, angry words or stony-faced silence.

And then I thought, now what? What can I do now? What can we all do?

We can practice kindness. We can raise amazing, empathetic, loving children. And we can rage. Rage against the dying of the light. Rage against the machine. Rage against the combine before it cuts us down. We can protest. We can march. We can make our voices heard.

Which is where this blog comes in. A way to make our voices heard. A letter every day of the Trump presidency. During the first year, most of our letters were written directly to Trump about what he was doing, how it makes us feel and how we think he could be doing things better. As we move into the second year, many of the letters will still be to him, but some will be to senators, representatives or to the American people. The goal remains the same: to explore what is happening in our country, to urge change, to let the minority in power know that we are not OK with what is happening on a daily basis in our communities and to our nation.

We have many contributing writers. They are smart, witty people whose opinions I seek out and respect. I hope their words make you think and really reflect on what is going on in our country. I hope this blog gets noticed and that it gets shared and that people really talk during these next several years. I hope we keep talking to each other, keep discussing and do our best to stop any slides backwards towards the America that used to be, towards the America that wasn’t great and that many of us don’t want to see again.

– Editor In Chief

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