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Photograph by BeyondDC

Dear Mr. President,

I have been dismayed, or, more accurately, appalled at what I’ve witnessed during the past Presidential campaign and the first 100 days plus of your administration.  I provide you with a list of behaviors I’ve noticed that disturb me. I will not give details; other letters have provided those:

  1. Your admission to being a sexual predator.
  2. Your “mimicking” of a disabled reporter.
  3. Your bullying behavior toward others.
  4. The mean-spiritedness language in your campaign speeches.
  5. Your misogyny as witnessed in numerous videos of your treatment of Melania and heads of State.
  6. Your lies – refusing to accept facts.
  7. Your “pot calling the kettle black” attitude as you accuse others of the very behaviors you exhibit.
  8. Your disrespect of news reporters – and anyone else who disagrees with you.
  9. Your selection of white supremacists as White House advisors.
  10. Your policies: the Muslim ban, health care policy that ignores the most needy, tax reform that takes from the poor and gives to the rich and to an already bloated military, the multi-billion dollar wall between the U.S. and Mexico, the removal of social safety nets for the poor, and, most importantly, your refusal to acknowledge that our planet is in crisis.
  11. Your weird, aggressive handshakes with heads of state, and your refusal to shake hands with a female head of state.
  12. Your inadequate use of the English language.
  13. Your arrogant and rude behavior.
  14. Your ignorance of how democracy and the universe works.
  15. The tax dollars that go to your regular and frequent golf outings (in spite of your criticism of the handful of golf outings Obama made in his entire 8 years), to your two residences (one for you and one for your wife), and all the extra security needed.

During your recent trip abroad to visit European and Middle East countries, you demonstrated this rudeness and arrogance.  It was an embarrassing display for a President:

  1. You lied to the French President about supporting him in the recent French election. He and the world knows that you applauded Marine LePen.
  2. You tried your weird handshake on President Macron — twice. Fortunately, and to Macron’s credit, you were unsuccessful.
  3. You offered your private cell phone number to Macron.
  4. You pushed your way to the front row for a photo op in Montenegro, shoving the Prime Minister of that country aside.
  5. In your speech to NATO, you lectured the other heads of state about not contributing enough, demonstrating your ignorance of NATO and your hypocrisy since you refuse to pay your debts.
  6. You rode in a golf cart for 700 yards while the other dignitaries walked. Yet you accused Hillary of not having enough stamina to be President.
  7. You complained that it wasn’t easy to open a business in Scotland and Ireland.
  8. You made an arms deal with Saudi Arabia. And at the same time, you say you want to “pursue PEACE in the world.” And that a “waste of taxpayer money is unacceptable.”

Are you aware that this is how the world views you?  It’s difficult for me to understand how you could be so self-unaware.  Even the children who have written you letters see you as mean and unhappy, as not caring, as someone who puts “yucky stuff in the air and water,” and urge you to “make better choices” and “not let there be more guns and weapons.”

I don’t think a few tweaks in your behaviors is going to help you change what we see.  Nor will tweaks make you a better president or person.  You seem to have no moral center.  Only a drastic make-over of your world view will suffice.

I’ve also noticed that you do not seem to be a fan of any religion, nor of scientific evidence.  Nevertheless, I suggest you take a look at Buddhist thought and practice, which aligns with the current scientific understanding of the universe, which is holistic and recognizes that everything is connected.  John Muir expressed this when he said, “When we try to pick out anything by itself, we find it hitched to everything else in the Universe.”  The Universe is not based on business and economics.

Buddhists speak of three poisons:  greed, anger, and ignorance.  You seem to have these attributes in abundance.  Buddhism provides a list of Precepts and practices to alleviate these poisons.  They are:

  1. Affirm life. Do not kill.
  2. Be giving. Do not steal.
  3. Honor the body. Do not misuse sexuality.
  4. Manifest truth. Do not lie
  5. Perceive clearly. Do not cloud the mind.
  6. See the perfection. Do not speak of others’ faults or errors.
  7. Realize self and other as one. Do not elevate the self and put down others.
  8. Give generously. Let go of holding back.
  9. Actualize harmony. Do not indulge in anger.
  10. Experience the intimacy of things. Do not disparage truth, change, and community.

I hope you will consider taking these precepts to heart.  What you say and do affects everything else.  You could change course.  Consider the following mantra:

In due season will I speak, not out of season.

In truth will I speak, not in falsehood.

Gently will I speak, not harshly.

For the benefit of the other will I speak, not for their loss.

In kindness will I speak, not anger.




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