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Dear Mr. President,

Dr. Ben Carson, Your Housing and Urban Development Secretary, said in an interview this past Wednesday that having “the wrong mindset” contributes to poverty, that “poverty to a large extent is a state of mind.”

We’ve heard this rhetoric before.  Those in poverty need to “pick themselves up by the bootstraps,” that disability payments enable those in poverty, and even that those in poverty are lazy.

Given the health care bill under consideration in addition to your budget released this week, I can only assume you agree with this.

Perhaps you’re right, now that I think about it.  Why help the poor?  If those lazy, no good, leeches sucking America’s lifeblood were worthwhile they’d get off their butts and get to work!  Yeah, take away Medicare, that’ll teach ‘em!  Sure, the CBO says 23 million will lose health insurance (hello Emergency Rooms!) over the next ten years.  Once those no-gooders realize the only way to get health care is to get back to work, they’ll have no problem finding full-time employment with health benefits.

I mean, you did it, right?  You worked yourself up from nothing (well, at least a million dollars, but what’s a million bucks, right?).  If you did it all those poverty-mindset-disability-addicted-fraudster Americans need is a little kick in the behind and they can be as successful as you.

And if they don’t get a job, that’s even better! Let’s hope Malthus was right, as society grows and we lack the capability (or will) to care for the entire population, those at the bottom will be stricken with disease and famine.  Perfect!  Let ‘em die without healthcare and starve without money.  Once they’re gone think about how great America is going to be (again)! This is the BEST plan.  Applause Mr. President.

Now, there is that thing about those poverty stricken Americans voting for you.  Eh, you got your use out of them, right.  Why cater to them any longer?  Let ‘em get sick, let ‘em die. (Hey, that’s kind of catchy – maybe a song title Kid Rock could use for your re-election campaign?)

Let’s do be sure though to stick copies of The Art of the Deal in those crowded ER waiting rooms, ok?  You know, just to give those sad-sacks something to read while they contemplate things like how much their routine health care is now going to cost.  Like how they are going to lose their house because they couldn’t get health insurance due to their cancer (What a LOSER, right?  Getting cancer.) Like how their government is BETRAYING them by not upholding basic human rights.  Like how their president has stabbed them in the back with his hypocrisy about health care.

Just do one thing for me before you sign the death sentences of so many Americans.  Read this.  Who am I kidding, there’s no way you’ll do that.  Let me give you the short version. This country was formed on the basis that “all men are created equal.” Not just healthy men, rich men, men with jobs, all men.  And that those men, when faced with “abuses…under absolute Despotism, it is their right, their duty, to throw off such Government…” So just know that while you can take the position that those in poverty are not to be bothered with, you will be voted out accordingly (if you make it that long), as those revolutionaries overthrew the British.

So I suppose you’re correct!  You are going to make America great again, by reminding us what we truly stand for – everything you are not.



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