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Photo of Helena, age 10, in action taken by Rhonda Morse Photography

Dear Mr. President,

I’m almost 11, and over the years I’ve noticed that girls are treated very differently than men. And, being a girl, I care very much about that. You may not care, because, you  are a man. You don’t have to worry about earning less money than men, because you are a man. Before 1920, women weren’t allowed to vote, to own property, or work for equal pay. And, even if you were alive then, it wouldn’t matter. Because you are a man. None of this would affect you much.

But it affects the women around you.

 How are women so different anyway? Sure, maybe their hair is longer, and they have a slightly different body structure, but they can still build things, they can still do sports, and they definitely can do more than sit around all day doing chores and taking care of children.

They can even lead countries, just like Angela Merkel, who was disrespected when someone (a man) refused to shake her hand.

My mom can build and paint just as well as anybody. Our house has undergone many changes. When mom first moved in, the carpet upstairs was a dirty pink. Now it’s a nice shade of blue. The bathroom is now a storage room, and the storage room is now a bathroom. The kitchen cupboards have been repainted several times. Dad didn’t help with any of this, because he moved out when I was about four.

I play on a Roller Derby team, and we’re one of the remaining handful of all-girl teams. And, I’ve noticed that on “normal “teams (teams with both genders), they play the boys over and over again, and sit the girls. The experienced girls sit. Who cares if the boys aren’t good? As long a you’re a boy, you might as well go out and play.

You matter more anyway.

I don’t tell you all of this to just to tell you. I’m telling you because as president, you can make a difference.  You can at least try to make a difference. You could try to pass a law to make things equal, or if there already is a law, you could enforce it. Or, you can sit around and pass more American Healthcare Acts.

It’s your choice.


Helena, age 10

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