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Drawing from Partnership for the Delaware Estuary

Dear Mr. President,

Please do not try to make it harder to see the doctor. Please do not let there be more guns and weapons. People could get killed and hurt very badly, maybe even die.

I want people to stay alive and not die because it would be nice and it could help them stay alive and help the world be way better.

If we have more guns they could be mean, and people could hurt other people and animals when they don’t even need to. It’s bad.

I don’t like it when you say people can put yucky stuff in the air and water. We should dump fish in the water, not litter and pollution. If we do that it could cause bad things and make the air be very bad and hurt people, even kill them. It could cause plants and animals to die. Water could be bad for swimming. Fish and people couldn’t swim. Animals and people couldn’t drink water. Animals like deer couldn’t drink water and if they did they could get really hurt and probably die. And litter is bad because animals might think it’s food and if they eat it, then they would die.

Also, go to Jupiter.


Charlie, age 7


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