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Photograph by jbraine

Dear Mr. President,

I’ll try not to comment on today being your one-hundredth day in office. I agree with you that it is a useless metric (although it’s curious that you want to simultaneously have us believe your first 100 days were the best…Ever!). It’s a bit like someone remembering a car accident that occurred 100 days ago – a milestone of a bad moment that’s otherwise devoid of any meaning, other than things could (or should) have been different.

What is noteworthy, however, is your admission that the job was harder than you had thought, and that you miss your old life. That’s like the back-seat driver, used to being chauffeured everywhere, admitting he should have never been allowed to sit behind the wheel in the first place, and who knew those roads would have been so difficult to maneuver?!?

And, as with any car accident caused by an incompetent driver, someone else is to blame. Congress is an easy punching bag – eternally unpopular, even though your party controls both houses, making excuses of failure harder to swallow. And how about those pesky judges – how dare they interpret the Constitution in a manner inconsistent with your ever-inconsistent opinions, issuing rulings that can’t fit in a tweet!  Sure, they’re the reason you failed. Even your own handpicked (or picked by your donors) Supreme Court nominee called your attacks on judges disheartening. God bless our founding fathers, who designed our Constitution to stop presidents who either don’t understand it or think they can ignore it.

But there’s one place you did succeed beyond your past rhetoric: you’ve signed a record 78 executive orders to date (although yesterday Politico called them “mostly theater” since you’re incapable of passing any substantive legislation, which, given the appalling scope of some of your plans, such as leaving tens of millions of people without healthcare, isn’t necessarily a bad thing). You’re trying to impress upon us that your executive orders mean you’re a man of action. But we recall the scathing insults you heaped upon the last President for his (lesser!) use of executive orders as an abuse of power. You didn’t think we’d forget, did you?

And yet we still have another 1,360 days to go. Be careful, Mr. President. You have 320 million people in the back seat; you refuse to look at either the map or the rear-view mirror; you won’t use the brakes or steering wheel; and it’s a long, unknown road ahead.



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