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Dear Mr. President,

You tweeted:  “No matter how much I accomplish during the ridiculous standard of the first 100 days, & it has been a lot (including S.C.), media will kill!”

However, even though you say it’s ridiculous, your team sent out a statement titled, “President Trump’s 100 Days of Historic Accomplishments.”  The statement just seems to be all about the numbers: how many resolutions and executive orders you have signed, and the number of laws enacted by Congress since you have been on the job. You seem focused on showing, objectively, how much more you have done than past presidents by looking at the number of times you have put pen to paper. But the numbers don’t really mean that much, Mr. President. It’s what is behind those numbers, the substance of those resolutions, orders and laws, that really matters. And that is where you fall way short for so many of us.

But for the purposes of this letter and for the women who read and share these letters every day, I want to focus on your focus on Women’s Rights. The following is from an article published by Fortune Magazine on April 25 exploring your stance toward women and how that is illustrated by what you have and have not done during your “historic” 100 days.

“Despite the first daughter’s advocacy for equal pay, the Trump administration has not yet enacted any new legislation dedicated to promoting it. Indeed, the president appears to have taken a step in the opposite direction, quietly signing an executive order to undo President Obama’s the Fair Pay and Safe Workplaces order. In doing so, Trump eliminated a requirement for federal contractors to provide employees with basic information about their pay, including hours worked, overtime earnings, and any pay deductions, one of the few ways the government could evaluate whether companies are paying men and women equally.

Family leave

Despite making a number of campaign promises about instituting a federal leave policy, the Trump administration has taken no concrete steps to advance a comprehensive paid family and medical leave program.

Child care

In his “Contract with the American Voter,” which contains an action plan for Trump’s first 100 days in office, the new president pledged to immediately introduce the Affordable Childcare and Eldercare Act. The act “allows Americans to deduct childcare and eldercare from their taxes, incentivizes employers to provide on-site childcare services and creates tax-free dependent care savings accounts for both young and elderly dependents.” The administration has not yet introduced the proposal to Congress.

Women’s health

One of Trump’s first actions as president was to reinstate and expand the so-called “global gag rule,” which prevents recipients of U.S. foreign aid from offering any services relating to abortion–even if they do so with separate funding sources. The president has also signed a bill to overturn protections for Title X grantees, allowing states to block funding for abortion providers–including Planned Parenthood.

Violence against women

While the new administration has made no tangible progress in this area so far, the president has proposed Justice Department cuts that could affect Violence Against Women Act, which serves survivors of domestic and intimate partner violence and supports efforts to reduce sexual assault. The Hill reported in January that Trump is considering eliminating the Office on Violence Against Women altogether.”

Mr. President, the article is a clear reminder that you have done nothing in the area of women’s rights in your first 100 days. As Catherine Pearson writes in the Huffington Post, you have pushed for policies that roll back protections for women’s health and safety, and made comments that prove your “tremendous respect” for women to be hollow.

So you might be wearing out the nub on some White House pens, but what are you really accomplishing? Doesn’t seem like folks have a lot of faith in you or your ability to get things done since the one number your White House statement did not mention was your approval rating. Some bad new there: your approval rating is at 42% with just days left until you reach your 100-day mark. According to an ABC News/Washington Post poll released Sunday, that’s the lowest for any president at this point in their term since pollsters began tracking it in the 1940s. former President Barack Obama had a 69% approval rating at this juncture of his first term.

Time to stop adding brackish water to the swamp, Mr. President. Stop making meaningless comparisons to past presidents and show us why we should believe that your next 100 days are going to be any better than your first.



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