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Photograph by Bernard Spragg, NZ

Dear Mr. President,

You are making quite a mess.  Your first 100 days has been laughable, or tragic depending on how much a person values the democratic republic of the United States.  This letter is to you, yet it is not about you.  It is about the people, the ones you are supposed to be serving.

One of the great lessons, maybe the greatest lesson a person can learn is to define the line which, when another crosses it, they take action.  The personal “red line.”  What will you accept?  What is too much?  What is the straw that breaks your proverbial camel’s back?  How far is the bridge that is too far?  What will you allow another to do to you?  What won’t you allow?

Some people learn this in high school, many after in early adulthood.  Perhaps it’s a domineering boss, an unhealthy relationship, an absent landlord or a dysfunctional dynamic with a family member.  At some point, you had enough, you had the tough conversation, confronted this person who was making your life awful, and perhaps severed the relationship altogether.  And that’s good.  That’s how we learn.  And the next time a person in our life begins to manifest these same tendencies, when we recognize the talk, the feelings, the abuse, we are wiser.  We don’t wait.  We act quickly.  We call it out.  We have learned and won’t get fooled again.

So thank you president 45.  You are providing millions of people a chance at real, authentic learning.  With each lie, with each stumble and bumble, with every promise which is shown hollow, with each self-serving executive order and crony appointment, you are teaching us.  You are burning folks, getting greedy with your cons, and while it’s gonna sting, we will be less likely to put our hands on a hot stove twice.  You are giving us a chance to draw a line in the sand which we will guard forever more.

The toughest lessons often come with some pain.  The discomfort of learning is well documented.  We are living it now.  And we will heal.  And grow because of it.




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