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Image from Twitter by Mark Bryant

Mr. President,

As I prepared to write my last letter to you, I thought back to your election and why I was so leery of you in the first place. It all comes back to your character. Before we even saw you as our president, we saw who you were as a person. You chalk it up to wanting to cut out the “political correctness” of our culture; I just look at it as moral bankruptcy.

Most recently, you took a sideways dig at our recently deceased former president (whose funeral you didn’t even bother to attend), and then you continued to bash an ailing senator. These actions alone are appalling, but that’s just the top of the list in terms of the totally inappropriate things you’ve said.

I watched a documentary the other evening (Icarus), which was about the performance enhancing drug scandal that plagued Russia. The documentary had some detailed evidence of the Russian state’s involvement in the scandal. Yet, Putin continues to deny his knowledge of any such program. It struck me why you seem to like Putin and want to be in cohort with him: you both put winning and appearances over all else.

I hate to tell you that there is no trophy for being a good President (not that you would be in line for one at this point anyway), nor is there a trophy for being a “1st place” country. I don’t know how you think you can win anything, except the hearts of the people who are so desperate to put themselves and America “first” that they listen to your fear-based attacks.

I can accept a lot from our leaders. Leaders are human beings who make mistakes, but get back up and keep at it. They are not liars, blamers, or easily flustered. At a minimum, they try their best to serve the people they lead. After a year and a half with you as our president, I see you serve only a handful of our citizens. Mostly, I see you serve yourself and your whims. If you have any aspirations to get the mess of a revolving-door White House in order, I suggest you get your own moral compass straightened out first.



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