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Dear Mr. President,

The unspeakable and inhumane cruelty that you are visiting upon families who have followed the normal procedures to seek admittance to the U.S. is horrifying. Our country used to be a beacon of hope, sought by so many immigrants and refugees who started their lives anew here. Like many Americans, I am the descendant of such migration and had taken deep pride in being part of a place that embraced others and felt richer for their presence.

No more.

As you expel immigrant members of the military (for no reason given), tear babies and children from their parents when they presented themselves to authorities at border crossings to ask to be admitted, and look to illegally seize DNA information on minors because you apparently have no other way to reunify families, you do damage to our nation that I fear will take generations to overcome. I, and millions of Americans, beg you to stop, to return to the protocols of ANY former U.S. president from the past 50 years – Republican or Democrat, it hardly matters. For it would be far superior to the horror you are visiting upon so many, directly, and all of your citizens, indirectly, by smearing us with the stench of your inhumanity and utter incompetence.

I feel more strongly than ever before that the end of your presidency cannot come soon enough.



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