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Dear Mother Nature,

I’m sorry. You are the strongest, most amazing creation there is, and yet here we are, the most powerful nation residing within you and we seem hell-bent on destroying you. We ignore your warnings, we disregard your needs, we snub your actions. I’m sorry.

I can only imagine that you were thrilled upon the announcement of Scott Pruitt’s resignation yesterday. I certainly let out a “finally!” upon reading the headline (similar to the single word “Good” stated by the Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington). His willingness to reduce emissions standards or water pollution regulations is absolutely horrifying.  Yet there he stood, an appointed official for the United States government. Unbelievable, and I’m sorry.

A man so engrossed in scandal after scandal had no right holding a position to protect and support the most important force there is. What frustrates me about humanity though is that we love a scandal. We pay much closer attention to what is bright and shiny and outrageous; so many of us were so preoccupied with Pruitt’s love of luxury lotion and phone booths and tactical pants we stopped watching just what he was trying to do to you, the land we need and the air we breathe. It is sacrilege, and for that, I’m sorry.

But Pruitt’s gone now, right? We can move onto a more qualified person who understands and respects just how great yet fragile you are. Yet the tweet of Pruitt’s exit (ridiculous in and of itself) also included the replacement’s name: Andrew Wheeler.

Mother Nature, again, I’m sorry.

This replacement is said to be virtually identical in position and purpose as his predecessor. With his love of the coal industry, the outlook is bleak for positive change. However, I try to find the good in any difficulty and my hope is that the press will stay with Wheeler and the EPA and report his (albeit damaging) work with the environment. What is truly happening. What he is looking to eradicate. What damage he is causing. This therefore means the public will not have a shiny scandal to distract us; we can see his interests and fight against them. We will save you.

Again, I am sorry that the US is not looking out for you. My only solace is that the people set to destroy you are temporary. They are not long for these positions and we – including you – will once again win.

Until then, I am truly sorry…





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