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Dear Democrats and Independents:

July 4th is almost upon us, which calls to mind the Revolutionary War – when the United States reluctantly but decidedly asserted itself as an independent nation and freed itself from all the ways that Britain was, for lack of a better term, abusing us as its colony.  Our uprising was a direct response to how our “parent” country saw us as valuable only for our resources and our markets and was utterly dismissive of our new, American way of looking at freedoms and rights.

Essentially, to use more modern terminology, we got sick and tired of being punked.  And we fought back.

And remember further how we won that war?  The Redcoats came over and lined up in neatly dressed fronts, expecting some sort of gentleman’s warfare — and instead, we hid in the forest and sniped their troops, engaged in guerrilla warfare knowing that, in a fight for freedom from tyranny, there are no holds barred.  All is fair.  The stakes were simply too high for us to be “civil” any longer — especially when the opponent seemed better armed, better organized, and determined to enforce the economic and social rules it alone had developed and imposed upon us without our consent or input.

Fast forward 242 years.  Democrats and Independents, YOU are the American colonialists.  The Republicans, led by King George Trump and Generals McConnell and Ryan, are the British.  They represent a minority of us.  A VAST minority.  And yet, by clinging to the levers of power and outflanking us at every turn, they have entrenched that minority at the engine of power.  They stole a Supreme Court seat from the African American president they still cannot believe bested them — twice.  They have tried to undo all the progress that president accomplished, and are enacting a social system that fits the 1950’s, not 2018, based on the fantasy that moneyed white men will always get the last say in this nation founded by moneyed white men.  They are about to lurch the country even more rightward with another SCOTUS pick — made possible by the retirement of Donald Trump’s personal banker’s father (look it up) — and the very real possibility exists that reproductive rights, women’s fair pay, sexual orientation equality, and a slew of other ways we have tried to institutionalize basic, human rights in this land will be wiped away.  In the VERY near term.

When are YOU going to get tired of being punked?

When are you going to stand up and say that you’re tired of allowing a wealthy sliver of our population to keep pushing you down for their benefit?

Stop worrying about a fair fight.  These guys cheat and play dirty and lie through their teeth at every turn.  And while it is ideal to turn the other cheek and to be the bigger person, to continue to do so now is like lining up in a neat row while the snipers pick us off, one by one.

The gloves have to come off.  Or Donald and Mitch and Paulie keep laughing all the way to the bank (and the Supreme Court and the legislatures and the White House) time after time after time.

Time’s up, I’m afraid.  The revolution, if it’s coming at all, has to begin now.  You know what you can do — join a rally. Make phone calls for progressive candidates. Talk to your friends and neighbors to get them to be political, too.  Donate to your favorite progressive action group.

But for god’s sake, VOTE.

Vote in every election you are eligible to vote in, and do so with research under your belt about which candidates will stand up for the punked majority.

Time to take our fucking country back, pardon my French.  By hook or by crook.

Happy Almost Independence Day.




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