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Image from Democratic Underground

Dear American people,

On the series finale of The Daily Show with Jon Stewart, the concluding monologue has Jon Stewart warning us that “BS is everywhere.”

That was August 6, 2015.

Almost 3 years later, here we are, and the cow poop is flying all around us seemingly always at high speed. And it has taken control – we are becoming immune to the smell.

Donald Trump is the best con artist of his time. He once plied his skills to sell real estate and manipulate local officials, vendors, or buyers of his properties.

But how do we handle a con artist? Unfortunately, the elderly are subject to scams regularly and the AARP has a great article for its members to help them identify a con artist and how he plies his trade. It should sound all too familiar.

First, the con artist develops a persona: “Assume a false personality or social mask that makes it easier to pull off the deception. Swindling is really acting, and you play a character who will help you appear legitimate, confident and successful … even when you are not.” Check!

Second, “it’s about emotion, not logic.” He states his “first objective (is) to get the victim ‘under the ether.’ Ether is that fuzzy state when your emotions are stirred up and you’re so agitated that you won’t know which way is up and which is down. Once I have gotten you into this condition, it doesn’t matter how smart or dumb you are. Ether trumps intelligence every time.” Check (pun intended)!

And last, find the “perfect victim.” That’s us. Politically polarized, disillusioned, dependent on social media, primed to be scammed. Check!

Remember what we’ve been told:

Democrats do not support immigration reform.

I can’t prevent kids being separated from their parents at the border.

The media is the enemy of the people.

The Eagles were kneeling and are disinvited from the White House.

We have thousands of immigration judges.

My inauguration crowd was the largest ever.

There was voter fraud, millions of illegal votes against me.

Mexico will pay for the wall.

There’s more – and the hits just keep on coming from the president and his administration.

Now what do we do?

Call him out. To your family, your friends, to anyone who will listen.

Many will say it won’t matter, people believe what they want to believe. People stay within their own bubbles.

Silence is not the answer. Eventually, collectively, we can get people out of the ether.

Or as Jon Stewart put it, “BSers have gotten pretty lazy; the best defense against BS is vigilance… when you smell something say something.”











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