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Dear NY19,

As I write it is 4:00 pm, June 26, 2018 in the NY19 Congressional District. The polls are still open, so we have no idea who will win the seven person Primary and become the Democratic nominee who will run against No-Show Faso, a sobriquet earned by his unwillingness to meet in open Town Halls with constituents. Faso should be easy to beat: he was one of the original sponsors of the national concealed carry firearms bill; he was video-taped promising a very ill young woman that he would not take away the Affordable Care Act—and then he voted to do so; he voted for ending Social Security; and one of his biggest donors was Mercer, founder of Cambridge Analytica. He defended the abduction of children from their families by the Trump Administration by Fasosplaining that such young children could not be jailed with their parents.

I have enthusiastically supported one of the seven contenders: Brian Flynn, a man whose integrity, platform, and experience inspired my allegiance. I strongly hope that he will win.

But, if he is not the people’s choice, I will continue to work and write letters to elect the winner. Brian himself has already pledged to do the same. This district cannot take two more years of knee-jerk jerks who do the bidding of money rather than that of their constituents.

I will work for the winner because I know and respect friends and acquaintances who have been working for each of the other candidates. These are people I see often. I honor their diligence and sacrifice, their hours spent writing letters, going door to door, making phone calls, having gatherings, and attending rallies. I have stood next to many of them at these rallies. I know they are sincere citizen activists who are working to save this country from a Supreme Court majority stolen by the Republicans in a hardly concealed effort to strangle democratic principle. I have read their letters condemning the kidnapping of children. I have seen their local Democratic parties grow because their neighbors are inspired by the well informed and logically presented discussions of these citizen action peers.

Each of these people I know pledged early on to work for the winner of the Primary because that winner would be the People’s Choice.

…And here we are on June 27, 2018, and the winner of the NY19 Democratic Primary is Antonio Delgado. Congratulations, Antonio, Gareth, Pat, Brian, David, Jeff, and Erin. Most of all I offer my congratulations to the Democratic process.



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