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Dear Democrats in Congress,

As one of your constituents and as a moral human being, I am writing to you regarding the children separated from their parents at the border with Mexico. I understand that Trump, with a flourish of a big pen gripped in his teeny-tiny hand, ended the policy of separating families at the border. But it was clear to everyone when he did so that he completely failed to put in place a plan for reuniting the children and parents who had already been separated.  He ended a cruel practice but left a void behind. Cause that is just the kind of leader he is.

So I, your constituent, need you to take firm action where he failed to do so. A California federal court has already stepped in to set a timeframe in which families must be reunited. As my senator or representative, I need you to put your voice, your power and your convictions to work making sure this happens. I need you, my elected official, to make it clear where you stand on the immigration policy at our southern border.  I need you, in the summer leading up to the November elections, to make it clear that you stand on the side of humanity, human kindness and grace.

I need to hear your voice on this. Loud and clear.



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