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Image from the Center for Public Integrity

Senator McConnell,

In the wake of two potentially catastrophic Supreme Court decisions today (one upholding the travel ban and the other overturning a law that required “crisis pregnancy centers” to supply women with information about abortions), we want to let you know a few things.

We will not forget about Merrick Garland.

We will not forget that you happily stalled his confirmation hearings.

We will not forget that you boasted about it after the fact.

We will not forget that you turned the bureaucratic machinery of one branch of government against another.

And…we will not forget to go to the polls.

We will not forget the havoc a weak, puppet-stringed Republican led congress has wreaked upon our country.

We will not forget how Republicans, like you, never really stopped backing the racist we have shaming the halls of the White House.

We will not forget your pale, phlegmatic responses to the horrendous things he has done and said.

And…we will not forget to go to the polls.

We pretty much can’t think of anything else besides that walk toward the November election. Toward that day when we, the people, get to start cleaning house. When we get to start fixing all the damage you and your cronies have caused to our nation domestically and in the eyes of our allies.

We can’t wait to vote you right out of office in 2020.

Start packing.










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