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Dear Fellow Americans,

For all you who have been contributing to and reading this site since Trump took office, we are all on the same page.  This is not the country we know we can be. These are not our values.  The “new normal” of lies, fake news, discrimination and cruelty is not who we are.  Patriotism can be positive when it celebrates and upholds true values of love, peace, freedom and equity.  Patriotism memorializing only white male success is not something to celebrate, nor is it our country’s truth.

If you contribute to and read posts on this site you know that we are truly in a state of crisis.  The rhetoric and hate are not our ideals. This country is divisive. It would be a falsehood to believe that we could “win” or the other side could “win.”  Life in this country is not a zero sum game.  We all need to be better at figuring out how to find that common ground and shared human decency. Opening dialogue with someone who doesn’t seem to hold the same beliefs can be scary and frustrating, but not doing so can be destructive to us all.  We need to hold our politicians to higher standards than we currently do.  Re-election at all costs is absurd. Our country was not built on that principle.  We need strong voices in government to carry the will of the people and aren’t afraid to push back for what is right.

Across this last year and a half, our civil rights, our safety, our place in the world, our healthcare, and even the air we breathe have been under assault.  We are not people who rip children from their parents and put them in cages. Our history has very dark periods in it, but I would like to believe that we have learned from those mistakes. We need to continue to teach, discuss and use those lessons to ensure our country’s future isn’t created in those images.

I am going to continue to fight- not for my side to win, but for all of us to achieve the country and life we want, need and have worked so hard to build.  We are all tired, but to rest now is not an option.

Please volunteer for local campaigns, continue to contact your elected representatives and let them know your thoughts, donate to causes that help us restore decency, and open a dialogue with someone you didn’t think you could discuss issues with. We are experiencing a dark period, but we can be, and must be, the light.

Thank you for your persistence.





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