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Image from Imitate Modern by Henry Hate

Dear Sisters,

I’ve always believed in the power and compassion of women.  We’ll see in November if that faith has any basis. Every woman’s vote is needed to restore sanity to the country.

In the meantime, I watch Trump’s abused women with horror.  This covey of female leaders seems bent to prove that incompetence, hatred, racism, lying, and corruption are not gender linked behaviors.  Women can be evil too.

Melania, I want to think that you are secretly lobbying for the return of immigrant children to their parents. Children kidnapped and “disappeared” by your husband.  I want to smile and imagine that your clothing message stating “I really don’t care. Do you?” was aimed at your husband and not stating your lack of compassion for babies sitting alone in dog cages under guard. Your soft voice, foreign accent, personal immigrant history, and devotion to Baron mislead.  I want to believe as a wife, a mother, and a strong woman you would champion values supporting human rights, kindness, and inclusion. If nothing else, I have believed you would want a better world for your son. But, I can’t. It looks to me like you made your deal with the devil. For a gold plated apartment, designer clothes, fancy stiletto heels, the chain migration of your parents into the U.S., and a child born to riches, you agreed to serve as high class “arm charm” for your misogynistic husband.

Kirstjen, I want to think that you are smart, competent, centered and a thoughtful sentinel of U.S. safety.  I want to believe you are not a racist and you would apply a woman’s pragmatism to solving complicated problems.  I watched your press briefing on the child immigration issue, and I wanted so much to believe you.  But, I can’t. Trump behaved like a bully to you, and you allowed him to push you into his world of deceit in order to regain his favor.  Really?  You want to be admired by a psychopath who is destroying the security institutions of the world? You willingly lie. I hope the pen given to you by the president after signing the change in policy on splitting up families gives you comfort as you listen to the distraught cries of children.

Sarah, I want to see you succeed as a beacon of truth to the American people who pay your salary.  I want to believe you internalized the Christian values you learned as the daughter of a preacher – values espoused by all the major religions of the world. I long to see you pull out the Golden Rule and place it on the podium before you.  I want to see you support the critical role of a free press in a democracy.  But, I can’t.  Truly I’m amazed by how smoothly you lie, distort, and the bite of your sarcasm.  You invoke the Christian Bible as if no one else had ever read it.  First, why is the Bible quoted as a justification for hatred?  Well, for any public policy at all?  Bible quotations don’t belong in the civic political discourse of the nation.  You pretend Christ preached a gospel of border security and fear, hatred of the stranger, disgust at the poor, and exploitation of children for political advantage. What happened to you?

Gina, I wanted to hear you renounce black site CIA operations, condemn torture, and ask for forgiveness for destroying the evidence of U.S. inhumanity to detainees.  I wanted to take pride in a women leading a critical national security organization. I wanted to trust your judgement.  But, I can’t.  You tortured other humans.  You destroyed the evidence. You offer no explanations or evidence of reflection. You’ve signed on to Trump’s cruelty and xenophobia.

Nikki, I thought maybe you had the potential to be the first woman president. Smart, articulate, strong, and a bit sassy, I had hope.  I wanted to see you use your strength to offer a counterpoint image of America to the world. I thought you understood the unique role the United States played as a beacon of hope, a reliable ally, and friend. I wanted to trust you.  But I can’t. You bully our allies and threaten smaller nations who rely on the United States for leadership and assistance.  “Our way or the highway” has become your theme.  You don’t deserve a future public service career or any position of trust.

Ivanka, I wanted to see you use your privileged position and special relationship with the president to help women – all women.  To help moms – all moms. To advocate for fair and equal wages, childcare for all, health care for mothers and babies, family leave, and family planning programs.  I wanted to like you.  But, I can’t.  Despite the hunch that you have been abused by this despicable man, your father, you are a full grown well-educated woman who could stand up to him.  You could confront extremist cabinet members.  You could work with Congress.  Instead you hawk your brand and use your position to gain access to Chinese markets. Money is your measure of success and it appears there is never enough.

Betsy DeVos, Elaine Chou, Kellyanne Conway, I never even had hopes for the three of you.  As a woman, you embarrass me.  As an American I am appalled.

We will see in November if the women of America will stand with the men in their lives and vote to return sanity to the United States.  While I love seeing women in positions of power, it gives me no delight when the women are as deceitful, corrupt, incompetent, and cruel, as the other sycophants of the Trump administration.

There is time. You could call a press conference, step forward together, and tell the truth. You could courageously become whistle blowers and provide the Special Counsel with evidence to bolster his case, a case that, hopefully, will result in impeachment. But, it appears you like your power too much.  You will not sacrifice your job, in order to save the country. You will not commit a smidgeon of your privilege, to save an infant stripped from his mother, wrapped in aluminum foil, sitting in a cage, crying. You appear to feel no fidelity to your oath of office.  You don’t have the strength to stand up to the world’s bully and say “not on my watch”.  You are mirrors of the Trump loving men, positional leaders without honor, without heart, without courage.  You, too, need to go in November.



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