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Dear Readers. Writers, and Activists,

Rebecca Solnit, in her latest “Easy Chair” essay in Harper’s Magazine, gives a concise and accurate description of the current administration and Republican party politics:  “The right has become radicalized since Ronald Reagan and the rise of incoherent ideology that urges dismantling the state but building up the military, that preaches a gospel of austerity while running up deficits.  It embraces authoritarianism and heavy-handed policing and elevates individual rights—but not those of women.  It plays at folksy populism while serving the economic elite at everyone else’s expense.”  It’s a good statement to keep in mind as we continue to advocate and resist.

We are all urgently needed to advocate for the planet and resist the GOP policies and legislation that are threatening our public lands, our food, our waters, our soil, and the air we breathe.  We need to advocate for immigrants and reject policies that separate families and deny a safe haven for those who seek reprieve from violence and war.  We need to advocate for reforming campaign financing and resist the corporate control of Congress by a handful of billionaires who fund political campaigns, right wing think tanks, and spread propaganda with advertising and money to colleges and universities.  We need to advocate for voting rights for all, and reject voter suppression through gerrymandering and ID laws.  We need to advocate for fair and equal treatment for all and resist tax scams that reward the rich and leave the rest of us behind.  We need to advocate for living wages and the right to form unions, and reject the absurd “trickle down” theory.  We need to advocate for gun laws that address the endless mass killings and protest the silence from Congress on this issue.  We need to advocate for well-funded public schools and reject the obscenity of outrageous spending on the military and wars on other countries.  And more.

Above all, we need to remember that this so-called President is illegitimate.  He was not elected by a majority of the people.  He is incompetent.  He is a sexual predator.  He is a racist.  He is a misogynist.  He is malicious—and so are the Republicans who remain silent while he tweets absurdities, damages relationships with our allies, and cozies up to Russia and North Korea.

Trump is not my president; he is simply Trump.  He is the embodiment of our country’s loss of a moral center.  He is the result of “We, the people” not paying attention for the past 40 years.  We all have a responsibility to ensure his impeachment and to find a moral center once again; and demand that those we elect to govern the country maintain it.  We need to vote, protest, resist, and advocate for a humane and compassionate world.

Thank you, readers, for sticking with this project; and thank you, writers, for the passion and insights reflected in your letters.  I hope we all continue, in other ways, to resist this administration and advocate for policies and behaviors that reflect a more humane world.  I know I will.



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