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Dear people of the United States (especially Trump supporters),

To paraphrase the lyrics by famed rapper Jay-Z, ‘America, you got 100 problems and 99 of ‘em are Donald Trump’! If we stop and consider the current list of ills and problems facing our nation most have been directly caused or greatly exacerbated by our current, so-called, president. Let’s consider a few:

  1. His administration rips children from their mothers;
  2. He and his family run a “charity” like a criminal enterprise;
  3. He kowtows to dictators, people like Putin, Kim Jong-Un, Dueterte, and many others, and by doing so has committed treason against the United States;
  4. He insults our closest allies, especially Canada and the EU;
  5. He started a trade war without considering the real balances of trade with our closest partners;
  6. His administration has tried to take away affordable health care for the majority of Americans;
  7. His administration, via his Department of the Interior and the EPA, has raped our environment;
  8. He, his administration, and his minions, toadies and sycophants have lied to us constantly for the past year and a half, Trump himself averaging about 4 -7 lies per day;
  9. He has totally neglected the priorities he promised he would address if elected;
  10. He, with the deplorable collaboration of the GOP-controlled Congress, has passed legislation that helps only the wealthiest in America, while hurting the middle class and poor;
  11. With collusion from that same Congress, he has appointed the most corrupt, unqualified and otherwise venal cabinet and higher officials the nation has ever seen;
  12. He has totally disregarded the Constitution, the laws in the U.S. Code and the basic tenets of human decency, and violated his oath of office by doing so. His ineptitude at leadership, his abject corruption and singular lack of normal human qualities – all tied to his monstrous ego and toxic narcissism – have proven, beyond any reasonable doubt he is neither qualified for, nor deserving of, his office.

These are all facts, supportable by evidence from numerous legal and valid journalistic sources. Not fake news, not showing a smear campaign, definitely not deliberately malicious. Facts.

So my question to America, and as I said above, not just to the Trump supporters and GOP members of Congress (and those candidates who want to join their ranks) but also the Democrats and progressives and independents in Washington and all over the nation, is “Where is the outrage? Why are you still allowing this?”

Are all you Congresscritters so buffaloed by his bullying and mob-style meanness you can’t function? Have you forgotten that you represent all the people in the U.S., not just your campaign donors and special interest sponsors? Is it the idea (especially for Republicans) that you are so worried about numbers you cease to function on a logical basis? Here’s a reminder – although 80% of voters who identify as Republican claim to support Trump, only about 30% are registered in the party, and Trump supporters only compromise about 20% of that 30%. The rest of the electorate, disaffected Repubs, Independents and Dems, not only don’t support Trump and his administration but won’t support him.

And all the rest of us in that ‘won’t support’ category absolutely must vote in the next two elections, the 2018 mid-terms and the 2020 presidential election. We must vote the Trumpists out. Get involved now, help your local and state and Congressional progressive candidates go to D.C or your statehouses or your county seats and get our nation back.

Our country deserves no less; you as citizens deserve no less.


Jon Rogers and



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