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Mr. President,

We are now hours away from the beginning of your negotiations with North Korea’s leader, Kim Jong-un. The stakes are high, but hopes are low as you have spent the last few days alienating and directly insulting our longtime allies at the G-7 Summit, signaling your continued and baffling support of Russia and Putin, and posturing about your lack of preparation and your plan to go on gut feel at a crucial negotiation with nuclear implications. We, the American people, are weary, wary, and without hope for the outcome. What I hope will happen is that you will find in North Korea’s leader a brother in arms, a fellow insecure dictator with thin skin who cannot bear to lose. And that, I hope, lights your path forward toward a solution that allows both of you to crow about an unprecedented agreement that could only have been brought into existence by two geniuses working side by side. The world will know the truth, that we have avoided disaster by your mutual ability to claim a joint victory and great partnership in which no one loses, both win, and the world becomes more secure. Because heaven knows that the alternative – an agreement or negotiation in which one must lose – is a non-starter for both. We’re happy to entertain the fiction of your great leadership if it in fact can keep us safe until Mueller finishes his work.

The end of your presidency cannot come soon enough.



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