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Dear Children of America,

You have probably felt the chaos and confusion of our country within the past months. You hear people talk, you see the frustration on your parents’ faces, you may even be able to read headlines, but getting into the nitty gritty of these issues is too much. And that’s okay.

However, I know many of you want to understand more. You want leaders and role models; you want to know who to listen to.

So let’s simplify a bit and look at a picture circulating in the news today.



What do you notice?

There is no right or wrong. Just spend a couple minutes taking it in.

Perhaps you noticed some of what my young children and I did:

There is only one woman.

Nearly all the men are looking at her.

Despite being surrounded by men in suits, she seems to be the one speaking.

Her hands are firmly planted on the table. She is leaning forward.

She looks serious, maybe frustrated.

She is focused on one man. He is the only person sitting.

His arms are crossed.

His mouth is taut.

He is looking past the woman speaking.

He looks disinterested.

Sadly, what you presumably took from that photo is all too accurate. When someone is speaking to you, is it nice to ignore him or her? Does not seem like an acceptable way to play, does it?

So instead of watching him for how to act, I invite you to ask your parents about watching the brand new documentary called Won’t You Be My Neighbor? If this is a bit too long for you, maybe instead just look at the image at the top of this letter.

What do you notice this time?

A child and a man looking at each other.

Both are smiling.

There are other children nearby, each one looking at them.

Everyone looks happy.

This, my young friends, is how to act in this world. With kindness and compassion. With listening ears and caring eyes. I know this is difficult, especially when so much in the news is traumatic. However, the man in this photo told the world that in times of disaster, look for the helpers as there are always people helping.

Continue to watch the helpers, children, as those are the heroes of every story. Some day I hope you will be one of the helpers.



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