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Mr. President,

Maybe you should take a break from Twitter. Leaving the G7 summit early because of a spat on your favorite “diplomatic” platform seems akin to taking your ball and going home from the playground.

When will you grow up and realize that trading barbs with other world leaders is not the way to run a country? Maybe never or maybe when you’re long out of office and more delusional then you are now (if that’s even humanly possible). Not only are you planning on leaving the summit early, but you’re skipping sessions on climate change and the environment. Those aren’t important though, right? Because climate change is a ruse created by the liberal media to make you look bad. How could we forget?

Mr. President, we the American people implore you to start acting like the leader of the free world and not a spurned teenager who’s had her first twitter flame war.  Now is the time to band the people of the country and the world together, not alienate us like you so often do. Mr. President, this plea can be summed up in two words, (well below the max 280 character restriction): Grow up!



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