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Mr. President,

Can you at least try to take hurricane season seriously? I recognize that anything that even hints at the possibility that climate change is real sends you into hysterics, but the fact of the matter is that hurricanes are steadily getting more dangerous and more destructive. Recent research has shown that hurricanes are spinning faster and spending more time moving over land, magnifying their damage potential. Given that, one would think that a bit of gravitas is called for when going into a FEMA briefing about hurricane preparedness.

Instead, you seemed more interested in talking about anything but hurricanes. Aside from a few desultory remarks about Puerto Rico, still failing to acknowledge how inadequate your response to that disaster was, you wasted the briefing talking about airplane prices, election results, and the economy. How is any of that going to help FEMA respond to this year’s hurricanes? It isn’t, and you’re wasting everyone’s time stroking your own ego instead of preparing for the inevitable human tragedy that will come with the next hurricane.

You’ve shown in the past that you can act “presidential” when you really, really have to. Maybe exercise that skill for the sake of readying the country for the next natural disaster. After all, the next hurricane might hit American citizens you actually care about. If you even care about anyone besides yourself.



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