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Mr. President,

I recently saw an interview of veteran reporter Bob Scheiffer. He was discussing you, but this reflection could apply just as well to the GOP in general, given some recent events.

“Trump also has an “innate ability” to refocus the media’s narrative and change the subject, similar to Lynton Crosby’s “dead cat strategy,” said Schieffer. “If you’re having a dinner party, no matter what the conversation is about, if somebody throws a dead cat on the table, the conversation will suddenly shift to talking about the dead cat.”  Trump’s rise was “not a media creation,” Schieffer continued, rather, it was “a Trump creation.””

Some of the latest ‘dead cats’ thrown (among many others) are your waffling over the Korea talks, the disastrous immigration policies your administration has begun (especially towards children), and the ridiculous trade and tariff policies you imposed on some of our most important trading partners not to mention your pardoning of Joe Arpaio and Dinesh D’Souza and the proposed pardons of several other legitimately convicted felons who seem to be supportive of you, while ignoring the Dept. of Justice procedures for the pardon process.

It is more and more obvious that you want desperately to get attention away from the disaster your administration has become. You want attention anywhere except the Mueller investigation and the related obstructions of justice you are committing. You regularly and blatantly lie about things in your universe, and call any news item unflattering to you ‘fake news’.

It has become even more obvious that you have no concept of what it means to be a leader, let alone President of the United States. You have broken your oath of office so many times that it lies in tatters on the White House lawn, covered by a pile of dead cats.

A word of caution, Mr. Trump: you are not nearly as great and popular as your ego would lead you to believe. You are losing friends fast, sir, and you don’t have that many to start with.

There are a great many other feline corpses of various sizes scattered about the DC political landscape, but these appear to be the ‘chats décédé du jour.’ The word to the rest of us, as long as you and the GOP remain dedicated to attempting the destruction of our nation, is be prepared to watch out for flying dead cats!



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