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Image by Kirk Walters from the Toledo Blade

Mr. President,

I had planned to write about how we as a country need to revisit civility. However, in the midst of my research for this letter, I went to your twitter page and heard your June 2nd weekly address. I could hardly stand to listen to your voice, but I made myself listen to you for 2 minutes and 23 seconds. And I decided to change my topic. Let’s revisit why you need to be impeached.

You see, most days, I act like you don’t exist. It’s the only way I can function. Paying attention to your every move is like giving the annoying toddler having the temper tantrum what he wants. Your rants remind me of when I worked in the psychiatric unit and if David was late in getting his meds he would be loud, intrusive, and belligerent. Your obnoxious drone of a voice was complaining in the weekly address that the Democrats are blocking the confirmation of all your nominees to posts; why so whiny? And you speak…very…deliberately…like…the…teleprompter…didn’t…eat…breakfast. Do you think your audience is slow? Why do you choose to harp about ”border security?” This is supposed to be a type of fireside chat. A chance to connect with the American people. All you know how to do is spew negativity and incite fear.

Here are but a few reasons why you need to go:

  1. You’re a bully. You model bullying to young and old alike. Your attitude toward people as a leader is despicable. I feel like the plant in that school experiment that was bombarded with negative comments. I want to flourish like the plant that was complimented.
  2. You’ve dismantled programs as well as our integrity as a country. I only hope all the apathetic non-voters in the last election will rise and throw out you and your kind.
  3. You reek of corruption and soon you’ll be exposed fully.
  4. You act like rules, laws, and truth don’t apply to you, but we know that Congress has the power to undo much of your influence if it will just step up to the plate.
  5. The way you have danced around the potential meeting with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un speaks to your ineptitude at diplomacy. You’ve been given a say in negotiations around nuclear weapons, and you treat the option like you’re playing a game of Monopoly on an empty stomach.

It saddens me terribly to have to say these things about the President of the United States.

While I can’t quite ignore you completely — I need to get out and campaign for a change in the House and Senate so that your vetoes will be overridden — I will work for civility in my life and work circles. You are a twister of negativity spinning recklessly, but if we keep working in our communities for good, maybe we can blow your weather pattern out to sea where you’ll dissipate in a cloud of plastic garbage.

I look forward to a day when we can do more than act civilly towards each other. I know many Americans who are open to an emerging, inclusive definition of what it means to be American. Through films like American Creed, which promotes dialogues across the aisle on sensitive topics, I believe we can remember how much we have in common and learn to value and respect our differences.

I pray that your divisive nature will ease and that your overtures at understanding aren’t merely political stunts.




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