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Dear America,

Stop rushing special prosecutor Mueller.  He’ll release his findings when all the rot has been exposed. But we risk losing sight of the ball here.  It’s not about impeachment.  Or indictments.  Or jail time.

Trump and his 38% will dismiss the findings.  They’ll call them fraudulent.  They are already setting the groundwork.

Here’s your mantra.  Here’s what to repeat each time you hear “no collusion:”




What we already know is that this is the most corrupt administration in American history.  What we have is a kleptocracy that rivals Russia.  Any moral superiority we had, the sort that let us look down from above at “banana republics,” is gone.  We are a laughing stock.  A joke.  And it is because of the institutional corruption of Trump and his cronies.

So stop thinking of Mueller as a savior.  His findings may or may not feel satisfying, and they will certainly be challenged by the Republican enablers.  But as we prepare for the 2018 elections, we need to keep our focus on the unreal corruption — the selling of influence, the raping of the public weal — that we already know about.




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