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Mr. President,

As in many cases during your administration, we move from one scandalous thing to another. I had planned to write about your labelling MS-13 members as animals, as public enemy number 1, and you not realizing how your rhetoric is just boosting their reputation and that your deportation-only solution will only lead to more problems.

But then this morning at 7:21 am ET, more than an hour before the release of May’s job report, you tweeted the following:


And then numbers came out — an 18-year low on unemployment, and 223,000 jobs created.

So what’s the big deal? Folks in your administration – Sarah Huckabee Sanders and Larry Kudlow — say it didn’t violate any rules since you didn’t “put the numbers out”.

As Market Watch detailed today, if not a direct violation of federal rules (i.e. illegal), your tweet definitely affected the markets:

“The bond market did have a reaction to Trump’s tweet, as the yield on the 10-year increased after the tweet, a move consistent with increased expectations of economic growth. The yield picked up even more after the jobs report actually came out.”

The article also points to a dilemma tweeted by Univ. of Michigan economics professor Justin Wolfers:

So here we go again. You do or say something that may not be strictly illegal, but is perhaps done with some corrupt intent, and flouts the rules and that have been in place. Everyone is aghast, the administration says it’s no big deal, there’s nothing to see here or doubles down, and then we all move on. Until the next scandal.

Since you won’t do it, and Republican-led Congress won’t either, don’t be surprised when we, the citizens of this country, hold you and them accountable.

Can’t wait until November.



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