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Dear American Professional Media,

Thank you. Thank you for not giving up, facing the frontal and ongoing hostility of Trump and his minions, following the trail of facts, asking questions, finding sources, investigating background, and keeping us safe by trusting citizens with the truth.

We know you are not sleeping.  We know you are not seeing your families, celebrating holidays, or playing golf.  We read your insightful writing then see you hours later on television discussing what you have discovered.  We hear your analysis and commentary.  We cheer your careful questions of consultants and guests: men and women with deep knowledge who bring to your discussion their expertise, informing a country currently living through a “looking glass” of fantastical tyranny.

We know that you have unearthed information that cannot yet be shared, and so we suspect your angst about the future of the country runs even deeper than our own.  We appreciate your commitment to protect sources, endure hardships, and face physical danger and psychological assault.

When we see your continued commitment to professional conduct during farcical White House briefings, we admire your constraint.  How do you keep from laughing out loud at the blatant lies and outrageous claims?  (How do you keep from crying?)  We are awed by your respectful discussion of competing media who spew an ever growing flood of lies, rumors, and conspiracy theories into the life blood of the body politic.  They don’t deserve your respect.  They are a viral infection with the capacity to destroy the very free media that feeds them.  How do you keep from engaging them with facts?  How do you not shake your head in frustration that Americans believe their completely fabricated propaganda?

Please know that we know.  Please know that we know you are “standing the wall” in defense of freedom.  We know you as patriots; patriots with quill pens, fountain pens, ballpoint pens and pencils, tape recorders, copy machines, fax machines, and computers. Patriots around the world who are being threatened, imprisoned, and shot because you believe that shedding light into the world disinfects the growth of graft, corruption, and despotism. Your sometimes cynical nature provides energy to stand up to power, to dig deeper, to revel in finding what is true. Because, down deep, you are romantics committed to an ideal of honesty and engaging in the real world.

Thank you.  We’re behind your work.  We share your hope that this period will pass and your lives, and our lives, will return to a more normal pattern.  In the meantime we need your sacrifice, your talent, your drive, and your courage.  We support you as if our lives depended on you because, of course, they do.



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