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Dear NRA,

I am writing to request cancellation of my NRA life membership (No. 000000000). I received the life membership as a gift from my grandfather when I was 16 years old. At the time I was the captain of my high school rifle team, and I went on to serve in the Marine Corps. While I enjoy shooting for sport and support responsible gun ownership, I can no longer be associated with an organization that so fervently opposes reasonable and responsible gun legislation.

I am now a mother of two, and I can’t send my children to school in good conscience knowing I am a member of the organization that opposes reasonable and responsible legislation that could protect them. Although I have never personally given the NRA any money, I simply can’t have my name on the books.

I’m certain my grandfather would agree that gun ownership should be regulated within reason, and that he’d understand my decision, which is non-negotiable.



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