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Mr. President,

I’m sure with all the social media and TV watching you do, you’ve been following “What Did You Hear  – Yanni or Laurel?” Everyone seems to be talking it up, and giving us their opinions on what is happening in our brains or our ears when we hear these sound waves.

Here’s what I heard.

Hammers on a wall dividing us from Mexico. Walling ourselves in.

Cries of immigrants and families torn apart by discriminatory immigration policies.

Weeping of families for their lost children killed while at school, while you snuggle up to the NRA.

Paper tearing as treaties are being ignored and abandoned.

The ka-ching of cash registers, money piling up in the stock market for those with wealth to invest, while the poorest of our country are punished for their poverty and struggle to provide just the basics for their families.

Groaning of the Earth, our home, suffering from pollution and degradation and your short-sighted policies.

Shrinking of our federal lands and parks that should and were protected places and are now suffering from poor leadership in the Department of Interior and the White House.

“Say what?” of world leaders and friends on the inability to understand your policies that change on a whim or a Twitter feed.

Backs turning on the transgender people presently serving in our military or on those wanting to serve.

“You also had some very fine people on both sides” – your words about a white nationalist rally turned violent in Charlottesville.

Red pens slashing the rights of disabled students and public education funding, while vouchers are promoted for private (read “white privileged kids”) schools. Betsy DeVos is incapable of understanding public education and so are you.

The click of voting machines tampered with by the Russians or worse.

“Thank God for Trump” said David Duke, former leader of the Ku Klux Klan as you shared videos from Britain First, an anti-Muslim hate group. Check your sources. Check your morals. Check the spelling of your wife’s name.

The slamming of a cell door as more and more people of color are imprisoned in disproportionate numbers to whites.

Here is what I wish I heard.

The door closing as you and all your cronies, lawyers, and inept, unqualified cabinet members leave Washington, D.C. for good.

The hurrahs and cheers afterward.




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