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Mr. President,

It is with regret that I read today the cancellation of the proposed summit with North Korean leaders you had scheduled for June 12 in Singapore.  After all, despite your mad tweeting you seem to be able to charm folks in the room.  I suppose we were all hoping you and Kim Jong-Un would have some nice “handshakes a la Macron.”

So wha’ happened???  Do we have to put the Nobel Peace Prize talk on hold?

I thought you were this diplomatic genius who had finally brought North Korea to its knees (and the bargaining table)?

How did our diplomatic efforts end so quickly (and so publicly!)?

Instead of biding your time (quietly) and working to understand whether North Korea really did destroy a nuclear development site today and thus are amenable to serious conciliatory actions, you jumped the gun. Now we are back to threatening a country with nuclear capabilities and which has shown the capability to launch an ICBM at the U.S.

From your letter today to Kim Jong-Un: “You talk about your nuclear capabilities, but ours are so massive and powerful that I pray to God they will never have to be used.” 

Really?  This is your diplomatic tact? Did you not think he knew our capabilities far outstrip his own?

Here’s my advice, for what it’s worth.  Stop talking.  Let Pompeo do his job.  Don’t get flustered if they insult Mike Pence again (come on, you have to admit, he is kind of a “political dummy”).  See if they are serious about disarmament, and until that time, maybe withhold the “massive and powerful” talk.



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