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Mr. President,

If a stomach bug is going around, I wash my hands a lot.

If my young children are fussy or volatile, I get them a snack or a nap.

When my legs hurt from too much sitting at work, I get up and walk for a bit.

If our household budget dips, we curtail our entertainment spending.

When there was an intersection with a lot of accidents, I used a different route until our town put in a roundabout.

When my kids push each other, I intervene, and we talk about better ways to resolve conflicts.

If a friend is in trouble, I offer a listening ear and do whatever I can.

When my spouse has a bad day, I listen and offer support.

When my kids keep fighting over the same toy, I take the toy away.

At times, my basketball shot falls apart completely, so I shoot until I get back in my groove.

One time I broke a bone. I went to the doctor.

When my kids snuck candy and cookies, we got rid of the candy and cookies.

When I’m thirsty, I get a drink of water.

On occasion, I get a headache, so I take an analgesic.

If it rains, I wear a raincoat or grab the umbrella.

If I see a fight break out, I help break it up.

When I get a sports injury, I rest, stretch, and maybe even see a physical therapist.

When my car breaks down, I take it to the garage.

When I felt sick every time I ate Frosted Mini-Wheats, I stopped eating Frosted Mini-Wheats. (I’m sorry Frosted Mini-Wheats. The problem in our relationship is not you, it’s me.)

When our roof leaked, I got it fixed.

One time a job gave me an ulcer, so I got a new job.

When I don’t like a song or TV show, I turn it off.

Occasionally I make the same mistakes over and over again, so I make a plan to change my behavior pattern. (How you been, cheese puffs?)

When I got a parking ticket, I paid it.

When I ate the last apple and then found out my wife was saving it, I apologized and bought more apples.

When the dog kept eating the cat litter, we put the cat litter where the dog couldn’t get to it.

One time I failed a quiz in high school, so I studied harder and raised my grade.

When I don’t understand a word, I look it up in the dictionary. (An analgesic is a painkiller, by the way.)

So, here’s the deal. In all of those situations, I thought. In some of them, I prayed. With each and every one of those problems, big or small, I also acted on the problem.

Guns get shot. Gun control now.





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