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Mr. President,

I’d like to introduce you to Paige Curry, a student at Santa Fe High School and, thus, a survivor of one of our latest school shootings.  On May 18, a young man, armed with a shotgun and a .38 revolver, walked into the high school and shot and killed 10 students and faculty members.  You know what she said afterward?

She said that she had come to expect such a thing.

She said that she wasn’t surprised that it happened at her school.

She said, and you damn well better hear this, “It’s been happening everywhere… I’ve always kind of felt like eventually it was going to happen here, too.”

Let that sink in for a second, Mr. Trump.  She.  Was.  Not.  Surprised.

She does not live in a warzone, Mr. Trump.  She is not part of a nation undergoing radical revolutionary strife.  She lives in your country, the one you swore to serve.  She’s one of the citizens you promised to protect and defend, just like the others shot and killed in her school.

You failed her, Mr. Trump, just like you failed them.

No, it’s not your fault that a young man wanted to hurt his classmates.  It’s not your fault that something violent happened.

But you failed her, like you failed every one of those people killed, nonetheless.  You failed their families, left grieving that their loved ones are gone forever.  And you’re continuing to fail all of our children and all of their families, doing nothing but issue occasional empty promises and reassurances of solidarity.

After another young man shot up a high school, killing 17 more citizens you had sworn to protect and defend, you claimed that it wouldn’t happen again.  Not on your watch, you said.  You were going to act, you said.  You were going to insist on change.

Hell, you even went so far as to mock Republican lawmakers that you suspected might be afraid of the NRA, which, if nothing else, was a refreshing change from the usual targets of your childish taunting.

You promised, you pledged, you mocked.

And then you did nothing.

Worse than nothing, actually.  Just weeks later, you assured the NRA that their precious guns were safe, that they would “never be under siege as long as [you were] president.”  That is, I guess, the kind of reassurance that 30 million dollars of NRA money can buy.

We know you’re terminally dishonest, venal, corrupt, and desperate for attention — that you’ll say, at any moment, whatever you think will win you praise and soothe your fragile ego — and, honestly, most of that is going to be forgotten by history.  You’re fortunate, in that respect.  Give history long enough and you’ll eventually be remembered mostly as one of our worst presidents, one who used the presidential office to enrich himself and his cronies at the expense of our most vulnerable, at the expense of our environment, and at the expense of the traditions of civil government.  You’ll make your own little Mount Rushmore, along with Millard Fillmore and Andrew Johnson and Richard Nixon.

But you won’t be forgiven for standing idly by while our citizens are killed, for making empty promises while children grow ever more accustomed to attending school amidst fear of violence, and for sanctioning the wholesale slaughter of those very civilians you swore to protect and defend.  That will be your legacy, Mr. Trump.  It will not be forgotten and you will not be forgiven.



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