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Mr. President,

My message to you this Monday is simple: watch this video.

Austin Perine reminds us all just what it means to be human. Is this simplistic? Yes, but that is exactly the point. When you see someone in need, help. When you see someone hurting, help. When you have the means to help, help.

This small child is not out for political gain or money or extra credit. Austin wants to feed the homeless because he knows it is the human thing to do. He is right. This four year old boy has already realized what it means to be a part of a society, part of humanity.

The beauty too is that since Austin was featured on the news, his mission has taken off. The power of the positive is contagious. Perhaps you could even help Austin on his GoFundMe page.

Austin Perine is a superhero. I hope that you, Mr. President, can follow in the footsteps of this future president.

Don’t forget to show love.






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