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Dear Moms,

My life as a mid-level communications professional in Washington, DC requires that I stay connected. I read the news daily. I get alerts on my phone about everything going on in our nation’s capital and around the world. I have many, many conversations about matters of national security, immigration, diversity, health care and many other topics I find important. Sometimes I think I have the answers. Sometimes I know I don’t and I’m daunted by the complexities of it all. From 9-5 my mind is churning with these thoughts.

When I’m not at work thinking about how to fix literally everything, I am with my two kids under 6. I make a concerted effort to put serious world concerns out of my head when I am with them. My kids deserve, I think, my attention, my patience, and my most positive self. All this time, I was trying to provide a positive space and energy for them. But guess what: they are the source of my positive energy, my happiness, and my hope. They are not the beneficiaries but the creators. And you know what? We’re all going to be all right. I’m not talking about just my kids, either. Kids everywhere are on fire for love and justice. It is amazing.

Here are a few things I have observed recently:

  1. Young kids marching on Washington for gun control.
  2. A neurotypical kid being kind, un-prodded by his parents, to a child with Down’s Syndrome.
  3. A 5 year-old who insisted on hugging his brother goodbye before a one-hour gymnastics class, in case he got lonely.
  4. My (white, Christian) children playing with their Jewish, Black, and Egyptian (just to name a few) friends at school.

Every time I look closely at them, my kids teach me something. And it turns out they, not even in Elementary School, have already surpassed me in compassion and wisdom. They are all right. The world will be in good hands. We are going to be all right.

Happy Mother’s Day.



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