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Longing for America

I long for a leader who inspires and nourishes my soul:

For public words richly melting in my mind as I savor each nuance of thought;

For sparkling phrases confirming human dignity and rejoicing in hope.


I long to escape the president’s relentless throbbing blackness:

The spewing of torrents of pain through pitiable calls for attention;

To find cover from the tidal wave of his insatiable greed.


I long for a leader strong enough to confront tyranny and to protect the weak;

Smart enough to embrace the power of commitment to our ideals,

Open to the world, with a sense of wonder for the miracles around us.


I long to see giants of character rise up in the Chambers of Congress;

Embracing the decency of our citizens, striding across the mall to proclaim fidelity to their oaths “to protect and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies

foreign and domestic”.


Oh, how I long to end the hypocrisy, dis-infect the lies, and shine in the light;

To confront the greed, the graft, the grifters, and the mobsters,

To restore the honor of the domestic peace keepers as defenders of the public.

To wash away the sleaze, and the chaos, and the pervasive decay of corruption.


I long to sleep again, secure in freedom, watching humanity march toward justice.

Marveling in the products of science, technology, and literature – the mosaic of intellect creating a better world for everyone.


I long for a President who treats our friends with respect and our adversaries with strength.

A mature, secure, leader who gives his word, honors his office, and holds both sacred.

I want to be proud of the United States again.


I long to know if we will defy human history.  If democracy will survive this assault.

If we can rejoice in God’s many paths to truth, in the strengths of men and women, and the infinite variety of human experience.


I long for a leader, a good leader, a smart leader, an educated leader. I long to witness courage, and character, principled discussion, and compassion.


I long for the day our nation’s leadership is restored.

I long for democracy and America.









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