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My fellow citizens,

Trump is nothing but a scab on a deep, putrid wound that is the American republic.  We drifted far from our Constitutional moorings long ago.  The drift has been swift at times and barely perceptible at others, but often linked to whatever existential crisis/threat we were led, as a nation, to fear – e.g., newly freed slaves after the war and free blacks right up until today; immigrants, from Italians and Irish to Mexicans; Socialists and then Communists; hippies to terrorists; and always the other.

And we spend endless hours on Stormy Daniels and Trump’s sleazy payoff.

Our nation has killed from Central America and the Philippines to Syria today.  The president can order drone strikes anywhere in the world and order the killing of any human being, including American citizens without regard to the legality.  We’ve been at constant war since 2001 without a declaration from Congress.  We have nuclear weapons and pledged to spend trillions more to update them, but we’re willing to bomb countries to prevent them from acquiring them, so we can maintain our advantage.  They no longer insure our freedom – if they ever did; they are but the biggest weapons in our arsenal of destruction.

And we spend endless hours thinking it makes a difference if we elect a Democrat instead of a Republican.

We spy, we torture and we ignore the rule of law whenever it suits us.  We surveil and jail our citizens, shoot the black ones and protect the murderers behind the fictitious shield of governmental immunity.  We’re searched without regard to the 4th Amendment.  We are told where and when it’s okay to protest and neuter the 1st Amendment.  We sanctify the 2nd Amendment to justify the presence of killing machines in the hands of whoever wants them for whatever purpose.  Our rights are being stripped away with each passing day.

And we spend endless hours having Congressional inquiries about Facebook and fake news.

Students are subjected to body searches, searches of their cell phones, searches of their lockers and drug dogs are brought in.  Zero tolerance is the rule in and out of school.  We allow cops to use asset forfeiture to illegally appropriate hundreds of thousands, if not millions of dollars even when no crime is ever proved and excess military equipment is provided to police forces just for asking.

And we spend endless hours on mindless twaddle and Nazis in the streets.

Millions are spent each year lobbying Congress.  Money is free speech, and corporations are the same as people.  Millions are spent on covert wars and actions to destabilize governments and elections around the globe.  We have supported and continue to support dictatorships across the globe, especially if they protect “our interests”, which usually translates into corporate interests.

And we spend endless hours talking about Russian influence of our elections.

We have become a Nation of Jailers just as Hunter S. Thompson said, but ironically too, a Nation of Jailed.  The Constitutional Rubicon has been crossed.  We are a democracy in name only.  Our laws – the ones that aren’t twisted and corrupted – are unequally applied and of no significance against the powers that be.  Most, if not all, of our Presidents since 1940 have been war criminals.  Dick Cheney is still advocating the return to torture and black-sites.  The current nominee for the CIA can’t answer whether torture is immoral or not.  We lock up nuns and pacifists protesting nuclear weapons.  We drive people like Snowden and Assange to seek the shelter of other countries when we should be giving them parades.  We vilify leakers and yet allow Sarah Huckabee Sanders to lie daily – and Trump too for that matter.  We have just about destroyed the press in this country – instead we have Fox News, MSNBC, CNN and any number of talking pundits that thrive on the cheap and easy vapid news cycle while ignoring the real rot.  We are but a shell of what once was.  A facade of freedom.  We are no longer that shining beacon on the hill, but the evil eye of Mordor.

And we reelect over 90% of Congress every cycle.

I’m not hopeful for the reasons that the game is rigged and we’re too focused on the wrong things.  Further, significant numbers of Americans support many of the things I’ve laid out.  So long as the system stands and we try to stay within the system, the system wins – it always has.  As the saying goes, never bet against the house, especially the White House.  So long as substantial numbers of Americans support what’s done in their name (Trump has a 44% approval rating), I am not hopeful.  I don’t discount the fervor we’ve seen and the collective action.  I believe in many of the causes people are protesting and trying to influence.  But, the rot goes deeper.  No matter how many of those things we change, it doesn’t address the real problem.  Thing is, we’ve been fooled again and again; Red or Blue doesn’t matter.  As the Who sang:  “Meet the new boss, same as the old boss.”

If we want to Make America Great Again, we must tear it down and rebuild.



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