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Dear Registered Voters,

In less than a year and a half, our lives have changed. But the changes that have been made to standards, requirements, regulations and laws dealing with our safety and health have potentially shortened our life expectancy. Whether you are rich or poor, black or white, Christian or Muslim, you are at risk. Well, some are more at risk than others, to be sure.

If you agree with the changes that have been made, then vote for the same people that are currently in office. But if you care about others, the planet, and your loved ones, then spread the word to get out and vote for saving the world.

Safeguards have been put into place to help protect us and the planet. This has not been just a Democrat stance, but a Republican one as well. The presidents of the United States (at least in my lifetime) have not always been my favorite politicians, but I truly believe that the decisions they made were generally for the good of us all. These men were mostly decent people. If they had flaws, they acknowledged those faults. They listened to their advisors, smart people who were actual experts in their field, and were willing for the most part to serve their country for the good of all as well.

Some of the safeguards that have been put into place within the last couple of decades have been overturned. Some seem rather benign, but others have drawn heated arguments from both sides (acknowledging climate change/global warming). But equally as frightening as the effect these requirements have on humans and our land is the idea that big business can bribe our politicians. Some argue that the politicians are just too stupid to know any better. Maybe that is true, but I still think that money is the deciding factor in many cases.

Do some research and find out how these regulations affect us now and their long-term effects on our planet. Do not just start a debate with something you read on Facebook. Find out the facts.

Maybe you agree with the issues I feel strongly about (protecting our children, resources, animals, using alternative energy, reducing carbon footprint) and maybe you do not care about these things. But gain knowledge in the areas that are important to you and share those facts with others.

Do not get lazy and wait for someone else to make a difference. Get motivated to learn more, spread that word to more people, be active in a positive manner that may influence others.

Be ready to vote. We still may be able to save the earth (and ourselves).



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