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Dear Congress,


I would scream the international cry for help if I thought it would make any difference. We all know it won’t.  You’ve checked out carrying your pensions, your lifetime healthcare, your book deals, your mistresses, and your corporate sponsored off-shore tax sheltered bank accounts. Sweet deal.

We didn’t hear the part of your oath of office where you added the suffix “ish” and the disclaimer “maybe.” We didn’t notice your hand slip off the Bible and the Qur’an to the MAD Magazine hidden underneath. Saddest of all we trusted you.  We may not agree with your philosophy of economics or justice. We might have grown up in different ethnic and religious homes and communities. But we trusted you had the best of the country at heart; if not for us, at least for your own family and self-interest.

We thought your children and grandchildren might need to breathe clean air, and drink pure water. We thought they might be renewed by walks in the great woods, sailing into an inspiring sunset, catching tasty fish, living in peace, enjoying democracy. We believed you would want your family to gasp in wonder at the Grand Canyon, at Bryce, and Zion. We assumed you would want your grandchildren to stand beside the giant Sequoia trees and Redwoods.  We believed they would want to watch the fireflies at night dancing over the heads of the miles of wheat and oats growing in the fertile breadbasket of the world.

We believed you would want your cousins and grandkids and the children in your town to have great educations.  You’d want your doctor, lawyer, neighborhood cop, fireman, computer shop tech, and auto mechanic to be good citizens. We thought you might desire a society where your kids could go to school, a movie, the mall, or church without the fear of being murdered by military assault weapons held in the hands of the mentally ill, the socially deviant or the hate-filled bully.

We thought we agreed that education trumps ignorance, kindness trumps hatred, benevolence trumps greed, democracy trumps tyranny, and rationality and science trump superstition and fantasy.

We, silly us, assumed you wanted the best for your family…and, by extension, all of us. We were, of course, wrong.

You’ve checked out. You’re lost in the wilderness of greed, fear, and tribalism. You’ve sold us all out to the interests of international corporations…whose children and grandchildren also, amazingly, don’t seem to need to breathe or drink or live in freedom.

There are a few, a very, very few of you who remember that Congress is an equal branch of government.  Your role is to represent the best interests of all of your constituents and the nation.  Your role is to check the excesses of a runaway President.  You have the obligation to challenge power when any part of the government threatens the Constitution.  But we know in this Congress, Trump trumps all other vows, obligations, and authority.

We have screamed MAYDAY.  You have walked away.  Our only recourse is to find new representatives – a full House and Senate cleaning.  Maybe a new Congress will hear our call for help before it is too late.  Before gas and oil cover the whole earth and despoil the oceans.  Before the great forests are clear cut and the grasslands wasted. Before we fall into the next incarnation of the Dark Ages.  Before the Trump kleptocracy divides the world into a few corporate oligarchies, concentrating the wealth in a few dynastic families, and leaving all humanity in poverty and ruin.

mayday, mayday, mayday…..November 6, 2018.










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