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Dear NY 19 Voters,

We in NY 19 are suffering from an embarrassment of riches. We currently have seven candidates running in the June 26, 2018 Democratic primary for the honor of beating the current seat holder, Republican John “No-Show” Faso (soubriquet thanks to his unwillingness to hold open Town Hall meetings for his constituents—he prefers fund raisers and his own kind).

This race really is a Democratic candidate’s dream. Mr. Faso was one of the original sponsors of House Bill 38 which would permit guns to be concealed and taken throughout the United States with no obligation to obey local prohibitions on such conduct. Also after in public having hugged a weeping woman fearful of losing health care and having promised her he would not diminish her access to affordable health care, Mr. Faso went to D.C. and voted to overturn the Affordable Care Act. Unfortunately for him, his encounter with the distraught woman was caught on video. Further he has voted to release coal dust into streams and repeal a rule requiring energy companies to disclose payments to foreign governments.

The NY Times ran a story about our race up here and said that Mr. Faso has not only the advantage of incumbency and a huge war chest but that his Democratic incumbent cannot really run against him until after the June primary. Although the incumbency is true, Faso’s has been a fraught time in office; the war chest cannot be denied since thousands of dollars from the Mercer family of Breitbart, Bannon, and Cambridge Analytica fame can attest—a virtually endless swamp of lucre; but the need to first attack other Democrats and then Faso appears not to be the case.

Having openly avowed my support for Brian Flynn, I have yet to see one of these candidates cannibalize another. We Democrats seem finally to get it: the least of this group of seven Democratic candidates is light years ahead of what we dread: two more years of the No-Show Mercer Circus complete with complicity and cringing in front of last year’s bully— The Tea Party the dried up leaves of which are floating away with Paul Ryan.


Anne McCabe

And Letters2Trump

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