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Image from The Irish Times

Dear American Citizens,

For those of you who are married, do you remember your wedding day? Even if you are single, how do you envision your wedding day?  I’m sure the images are wonderful, special in all the right ways. Most importantly, I’m sure safety and security are not concerns. Unfortunately, not all people on this planet get to enjoy safety and security. This past weekend, a civilian couple in Yemen were celebrating their wedding day. This was supposed to be a great day, a celebration of love and family, yet, instead, U.S.-backed Saudi airstrikes from above struck and killed 20 people at the wedding party, mostly killing women and children, including the bride! Additionally, this was NOT the only attack this weekend. There were a total of three air strike attacks besides this wedding party; the second attack killed off a family of five and another struck a bus and killed 20 civilians.

I’m sure if you are a halfway decent person you are thinking, “this is pretty tragic,” but what’s even more tragic is that we, the United States, have actively supported Saudi Arabia in their war and domination over Yemen. Our hands are not only soiled with the blood of the 15,000 killed through airstrikes since 2015, but due to our support of their blockade, we also play a hand in the death of 113,000 more in 2016-17, due to lack of food, water and medicines for perfectly preventable diseases, such as Cholera. The UN General Secretary, António Guterres called Yemen the “worst humanitarian crisis.”

Last month, Trump met with the Saudi Arabian Crown Prince Mohammed Bin Salman at the White House where our president, with the use of some very low-tech posters, embarrassed himself once again by boasting about all the equipment we sell to Saudi Arabia, such as $2.8 billion airplanes, or $1.2 billion tanks, etc. We not only sell them this equipment but we also help the Saudis with targeting, logistics, updating of vehicles, including refueling their jets mid-air. Now, that is quite a partnership!

As citizens, we must actively and urgently demand that we break our love affair with Saudi Arabia. No matter how impossible this may seem at the time, once faced with the reality of the suffering and carnage our country is responsible for, we must collectively speak up. Tweet, write emails, snail mail letters, whatever you feel like doing, but please do something. Together we can create more ripples than alone.




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