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Dear President Macron,

There have been several jokes cast in your direction over the last 24 hours due to the affection you have shown during your extended handshakes and hugs with our dear president.  Much has been written about your stance vis-à-vis Mr. Trump, with some suggesting that by being a friend to the president you are leveraging a unique opportunity to place yourself at the forefront of the world stage and further France’s goals. You seem to be balancing your role well, achieving praise from the president while speaking to Congress about a new Iran accord and climate change, two policy initiatives toward which the president has been quite antagonistic.

Politicians here in the United States would seemingly benefit from your deft approach to coddling this toddler.

When you spank a toddler, what does the toddler do?  Learn how to hit you harder. (a.k.a War)

When you scream at a toddler, what does the toddler do?  Scream back! (a.k.a. Twitter War)

When you take away the toddler’s toys, what does the toddler do?  Try to take away yours! (a.k.a. Trade War)

You have realized that sometimes a president toddler just wants his hand to be held, to be listened too. (This may especially be the case when his wife mother doesn’t want to hold it.)

As with parents of toddlers, your approach is a struggle for our politicians as they don’t want to be seen as giving in. They struggle to see the forest through the trees, and seemingly want to escalate with the president instead of, well, perhaps letting him hold them for uncomfortably long periods of time.

Will you be made fun of for taking this approach to the president?  Of course. But you can hold your head high, because at the end of the day you know that the relationship between our countries will last long after this president leaves office.

Thank you.



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