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Mr. President,

With an impending war on the horizon with a terrible regime whose only mission seems to be to kill as many people as possible, will your personal woes tinge your presidential responsibilities?  Can you concentrate on what is best for the world when you are facing personal turmoil from so many directions at once?  Your lawyer is under fire for multiple criminal activities, and they all link back to you. Can you be fair and impartial when you don’t seem to know the meaning of the words?

You take to twitter to declare success in military operations instead of leading the country. We implore you, Mr. President, to think of the innocent people being affected by your actions both at home and abroad.  The Assad regime needs to be stopped and you need to put your personal drama aside to lead the country when we need it the most. This isn’t a time for pats on the back and touting your own accomplishments. Focus on what is right and just, not what will make you look better in the face of so many scandals, Mr. President.




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