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Mr. President,

I am tired of predicting your doom.

I am tired of trying to revivify myself and my friends and people I don’t even like but who suffer under you. Tired of trying to convince us all that good will win out in the end, over you.

Because it hasn’t.

It has had ample time to try, sure. There have been marches, strikes and sit-ins. News coverage and invective. Lines drawn in the sand. And then another, and another, and another.

Every time we are told that this, this one thing would be going too far, would align the whole county —  no, the whole world — against you, it turns out not to be the case. People turn a blind eye. Or they look straight at it and rant and rage and nothing happens. No change comes; no good is done.

I’m tired of trying to say it will be.

Sure, people go on and on about how the wolves are circling you. Calling out your connections, your shady deals, your money passed under the table. The documentation pinning these actions down in the spotlight of search warrants and depositions. The time is nigh, they say.

But you’ve always done that. Been the bad guy. And no one has undone you. No one has stopped you. There are no heroes. I’m tired of pretending there will be.

The best I can hope for is that the people running this wretched masquerade get tired, too. Paul Ryan, for example, has called it quits today. Hopefully more follow. Will more sinister actors rise in the wings to replace his ilk, and yours? Undoubtedly. But perhaps they will do so slowly enough to allow us to recover a little, before again reminding us how little good we have brought to the world, and how terrible we are at protecting it.




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