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Dear Donald,

You seem to need a visit from your mother. So here I am. Back from the grave to set you straight.

You’ve been a very bad boy, Donald. Stop trying to one-up your father and listen to me.

You have forgotten all the lessons I taught you about how to treat others. You always listened to your father too much. My work with people with cerebral palsy wasn’t for show; I cared about them. For goodness sakes, Donald, how can you treat the immigrants so poorly when your own mother was an immigrant? And a poor one at that. My sisters and I were teenagers when we came to the United States from Scotland. I cannot conceive what is in your head. It’s as if you are turning away my sisters and me. We came here with hope for a better life and I dare say things have not changed for today’s immigrants.

Another thing, Donald, is this wall of yours. It’s damn ridiculous. You know I loved to put a bit of flair into life, but this wall is not only bad form, it’s a waste of people’s money. It’s a waste of the military’s time to guard the border. You really need to start thinking before you speak, son. Walls reek of weakness, fear, and insecurity — I feel certain your father would have hated your wall, also, for those reasons. To some extent, I blame myself. We pampered you. We coddled you. You think you can do whatever you want. Even as a child, you never did play with others very well. I’ve returned to try to talk some sense into you. Play nice!

That goes for your relationship with the press also. Play nice! Part of what makes America great and part of the reason I came here in the first place was the freedoms America guarantees. The press is free to print the truth. All your ‘fake news’ talk and badgering certain news sources is totally out of line. You’ve become so much of a spoiled brat that you always want your way.

Don’t forget, Donald, it’s America. It’s a democracy. You’re not the king or a czar, and there are rules you need to follow.

The press goes a bit overboard sometimes, I know, but you don’t need to outdo them. They are doing their jobs; do yours without getting so emotional and juvenile about how they report on your presidency. And the twittering needs to slow down or stop. It just fuels the fire.

Finally, stop getting in the way of women getting equal pay and equal rights. As a woman, as your mother…hell, as a human, it is reprehensible the way you and the American culture treat women. It’s just fair that anyone who works hard at a job should get the same pay as another person doing the same job. Do what you can to ensure that, not stop it. I recall you remarking that I was ‘smart as hell’ and incredible. Well, then listen to me! I may not have been this direct with you in life, but death puts things in perspective quite quickly. Fly right, Donald! And listen to other intelligent women of your time. Heed the warning of Madeline Albright not to be such an isolationist globally, but to be a strong partner and leader. Listening has never been one of your strengths — it’s time to change, to grow.

Careful. If I don’t see some improvement, I will be sending your grandmother next.


Your mother (as imagined by Letters2Trump)


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