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Mr. President,

I wanted to follow up on the letter written on this site two days ago titled “Do This, Not That, Mr. President: Ideas For Spending Money More Wisely and In Ways That Actually Help Your Constituents.

While I hope you agree as much as I do on the points made by the author, I need to emphasize a couple more basic points.

First, the money you are spending is not yours, it’s ours. Please remember that the budget comes from taxpayers. It’s easy to spend other people’s money, harder to remember that.

Second, you set the example. Your behavior, your attitude sets the tone for your administration and the country.

Now that we have that straight, let’s talk about EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt.

He spends our money like there are no consequences, completely ignoring regulations that are in place to ensure government officials do not waste taxpayer dollars.

— A secure soundproof booth in his office, that was first reported to be $25,000, but was more than $42,000. It turns out there was another booth available at the EPA, but Mr. Pruitt wanted one in his office.

— Expensive travel habits where first class tickets are the norm, and spending over $168,000 in air travel in his first year in office.

— A $40,000 five-day trip to Morocco with his staff where there was a planned layover in Paris to pitch the potential benefit of liquefied natural gas (LNG) imports on Morocco’s economy.” Oh, and Mr. Pruitt only worked one full day and had one-hour meetings the days before and after.

— A 24/7 30-person security detail which apparently also protects Mr. Pruitt even during trips to Disneyland, the Rose Bowl game, and a University of Kentucky basketball game. The costs for this security detail have been estimated at over $2M a year.

This doesn’t even include a proposal for “a $100,000-a-month charter aircraft membership that would have allowed Mr. Pruitt to take unlimited private jet trips for official business” and spending “about $70,000 to replace two desks in Mr. Pruitt’s office suite, including his personal desk and one at a security station outside his office” apparently so that would be bulletproof.

It is somewhat ironic that when it comes to his own money, Mr. Pruitt is much more frugal. He arranged a $50 a night rental of a condo on Capitol Hill. I guess that was prudent.

Well, until we figured out his daughter stayed with him apparently breaking the lease agreement.

And until we all found out that the owner of the condo is the wife of lobbyist who had “a roster of clients with business before the EPA”.

So while we wait for Congress to act, will you act first? Will there be any consequences?

Please let us know; perhaps we will find out in a tweet.



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