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March for Our Lives, America

The shame of our country

rides the range of TV channels

across the globe.

The world is watching,

standing in solidarity

with our students.


On Pennsylvania Avenue

our footprints scorch the pavement.

We walk with purpose and conviction.

No more will we allow our children

to be gunned down in school

or on the streets where they live.

We shout to the beautiful blue sky

above us on March 24, 2018,

Enough is enough.


Our voices will not be silenced.

We speak for the children

who have died from gun violence –

those tiny wide-eyed ones

at Sandy Hook,

those middle graders at

Nickel Mines,

those teenaged ones at Columbine,

Parkland, Virginia Tech.


We speak because they cannot,

their voices muted by a bullet

or fifteen or thirty

from an automatic weapon,

an assault rifle, a long gun,

a bump stock.

Where does it stop?


People around the world

Berlin, Paris, London, Sydney

joined us there in the sunshine

on Pennsylvania Avenue

singing their hearts,

listening to the voices of brave teens

caught in the crosshairs

of the NRA and politicians.


Enough is enough.


Our grief turns to activism.


We will not stand for arming teachers,

for making schools into fortresses.

We refuse to live in fear.


We demand gun laws

with teeth.

We demand courage

with conviction.

We demand heart and soul,

not excuses or empty rhetoric.


We will be heard.

We have read the Constitution.

We know what “well-regulated” means.

We know what a militia is.

We know CPR.


Enough is enough.


We will march until our feet ache,

until you in seats of power – STAND UP,

and take no NRA dollars.

Until you hear us,

until you listen,

until you love children

as much as your guns

and your golf clubs.

Until you give us

the safety and protection


all over this nation,

not just in Congress.


Listen to our feet on Pennsylvania Avenue.

Listen to our words.

Be the heroes we need you to be.

Be the change

or be run over by it.


Enough is enough.


-Gloria Klinger

For Letters2Trump

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