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Dear student activists,

I had the privilege of joining one of the many March for Our Lives events this past weekend, a march that was organized and led by you.  I brought my children, and while they are too young to organize, they are most decidedly not too young to hold a sign, scream a chant, and feel the emotion of a crowd fighting for change.  As we walked the mile-long route, we heard over and over again:

“Show me what democracy looks like!”

“THIS is what democracy looks like!”

After the march my older daughter asked me what “democracy” means, and we had a discussion about the power of voting and the power of voice, and how in many places individuals do not have those rights.  While she does not quite grasp the ramifications of democracy, she does know that we HATE guns and that it’s time for change.

Why does she know this?

Because of YOU.  Because YOU are making your voices heard.  Because YOU are not letting the bullies and trolls dominate the conversation.  Because YOU know that perseverance wins, and that no one is more motivated that you to see this fight to the end.

Unlike my generation and the generations which have preceded me, your voices are fresh, new, invigorating, un-jaded, pure.  Take that spirit and run with it, and we will be there right alongside.  Do you want to fight for harsher gun restrictions?  Let’s do it.  Do you want to repeal the 2nd amendment?  I’m in. Do you want to run for office?  You have my vote.

Nothing made me happier these last couple of days since the march than when I heard my two daughters, alone in their bedroom at night, saying to one another:

“Show me what democracy looks like!”

“THIS is what democracy looks like!”

That’s power.  And that’s change.




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